Your Practice: Etheric Energy Hygiene & Clients

Beyond Astral Hygiene, you’ll need Etheric Hygiene

In the overview of the Etheric body, you read about the qualitative differences that emerge when working with Etheric energy. Someone who is vibrant, healthy and reasonably connected to his or her emotional awareness with have high quality Etheric energy. Someone who is unhealthy, resists or is unaware of appropriate self-care and perhaps also disconnected from his or her emotional awareness is likely to have lower quality Etheric energy. Whatever your client’s situation, diagnosis or quality of life, his or her Etheric energy should not become part of your energy! So we’re on to some next level energy hygiene to support your Etheric energy, and equally importantly to keep your energy and your client’s distinct and separate.

There’s lots of information on each energy hygiene skill, and to be clear, you’re not putting down your Astral hygiene and picking up Etheric hygiene, you’re adding to what you already do with the Astral energy hygiene so that you can run an integrated session and facilitate healing in both bodies!

Enter Energy Hygiene

You’re about to learn a few powerful, simple energy hygiene skills that support clean session work, and minimize the energies that you and your clients shed from infiltrating one another.

You’ll learn and practice skills that you’ll use for every session from here forward, because no matter whether your client presents with a physical or emotional issue, you’ll now always be interacting with the Etheric field or body.

Energy Hygiene is modality neutral

Whatever your practice is dedicated solely to energy healing or integrates other modalities of any kind, when you’re supporting healing, evolution and transition in clients through ‘helping’ strategies, energy hygiene is essential.

Medical clinicians are taught to wash their hands, and perhaps sanitize them between patients to avoid transferring germs and bacteria. You’ll certainly do that, too!

Therapists are taught professional boundaries to manage transference, interaction and role confusion. You’ll want to consider these boundaries, too.

As a practitioner working with energy, that is ubiquitous and part of every experience and interaction, you’ll add a level of energy hygiene that keeps the interactions clear, minimizes energy transference and supports you as you facilitate healing with clients without burning out from taking on and holding their energetic releases, or equally challenging, dispersing your energy into your client’s field.

The skills you’ll learn and practice are:

Syncing the System — bringing your energy into balance between the left and right hemispheres

Activating the Occipital and Medulla Chakras — two chakras that support physical wellness and well-being, Etheric vitality

Etheric Containment — supporting your Etheric aura with a Pranic flow state

Golden Pranic Triangle — another Pranic flow state to support your core organs

Etheric Neutrality — used as needed to create distinction between a client’s diseased or impacted organ, gland or system and your own

Next steps:

You’ll begin this series of Lessons with Syncing the System.

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