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This page is for you. It houses the pdfs, mp3s and the replay of our video call from our 3-hour sessions. In addition, when appropriate, I’ll share links to other posts, videos or resources that may expand your awareness of the things we discuss in our Zoom calls.

I’ll add materials to this page in concert with each of our meetings. You’ll be able to return here and gather up the resources after each meeting. 

Accessing this page does not add you to EHI’s mailing list. I’d love to have you on the list, I’d love to have you in online courses and programs. But truly, the choice to join is yours. 

Session 1 - Exploring the Field, the Energy Bodies & Energy Regulation Practices

We discussed the 3 primary energy bodies and the energy systems that organize and fuel the Etheric and Astral bodies. This was followed by two energy practices: Setting Key Chakras & Grounding.

Week 1 Video Replay

Session 2 - Managing Energetic Transference & Clearing Emotional Energy

We discussed the ways in which we unconsciously release and take on other people’s emotional energy. In fraught or challenging issues, such as health related concerns, even the calmest, coolest patient has underlying emotions that they’re navigating. 

The emotional energy releases, and you unconsciously pick up the energy, migrating it into your field of awareness. Your body doesn’t know the difference between your own emotions and the emotional ballast you’re carrying that belongs to others. 

Week 2 Video Replay

Session 3 - Energy Hygiene for use with Patient Care

In today’s discussion, we reviewed the essential differences between Etheric and Astral energy. Specifically, Etheric energy is qualitative; vibrant, healthy people have high quality Etheric energy, and those who are struggling with illness, disease or syndromes have low quality Etheric energy.

Energy is always in flow, in motion. It’s easy to engage with another person’s Etheric energy (high or low quality), and absorb it into your field. Over time, this inhibits the natural state of your own energy, either exacerbating your own issues, or generating debilitating fatigue or other symptoms of physical stress and burnout.

Week 3 Video Replay