Mojo of the Moment

A dear friend and colleague sent me a text this week articulating his awareness that an insight he had received in meditation freed him from some old patterns and behaviors.  He felt well and truly finished with the way he used to be.

Now how cool is that?  If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking, Very Cool!  Good work, well done.

And that’s true.  Good work, well done.

The other part of his text had to do with his understanding that how he used to be had caused him shame – his not good enough stuff would flower fully when he contemplated how he used to be.  Ugh.  That damn shame word, rearing it’s head again!

But here’s where he went from Ugh to Uh-mazing.  He got that it was over.  That reflecting on and returning his thoughts to that time and space, flogging himself for who he once was completely and utterly invalidates who he is now.

And let me tell you, CK gives two thumbs up when students, colleagues, clients, friends, Romans, Countrymen figure this out.


The Mojo of the Moment gets destroyed if you start thinking about how bad you used to be.  The Mojo of the Moment gets invalidated if you hearken back to yester-days, years, times and experience your inability at that time to handle yourself the way you would now.

Now the Mojo doesn’t get permanently destroyed, but remember Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.  So the reckoning over your shoulder or in the rear view mirror is a flow of attention toward what once was – that you don’t like about yourself!

You gotta ask yourself, why do that?

Do you get what this really means?  No regrets.  No shame.  No guilt.  No self-recriminating.

Rather, Onward.  Upward.  Forward.  Settling in to your Mojo in the Moment.  Being that Mojo.  Living that Mojo.  Evolving from here to even better Mojo.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

So give it up, old mojo is no-go.  Today’s Mojo is the real deal.  It’s the focal point for your awareness.  It’s the way you validate yourself, your growth and your ability to learn, change and become.

Rock on!  Lock in!  Stay focused on who you are in this Moment’s Mojo.  And keep your vital energy flowing.

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