My Pineal Brought Me Sh*t!

When clients begin an energy clearing protocol, they learn to make friends with meditation.  Not the type of meditation where your breath is the focus, you witness your thoughts rolling by, and you let them go.

Energy clearing meditations are a bit more active.  The individual is within him or herself, attending to the body, the mind and to the energetic patterns, resonances, vibrations that activate as they are named and targeted for clearing.  The skillful meditator easily navigates between the mind, the body and the emotions as the work takes place.

Sometimes newbie-meditators need a little help getting out of their analytical/rational minds and dropping into the more body/consciousness-centric focus that comes through achieving a light trance state.

When this shift would be helpful, I often recommend practices that will help the client move awareness into the energy of the Pineal Gland.  Seriously folks, if you can learn to sit in the energy of the Pineal Gland, the world is your proverbial oyster.


So, here’s where things get amusing; at least for one particular client!

After a week or so of doing a specific Pineal Meditation I had recommended, my client reported that she had had several dreams.  The first dream (and the only one I’m going to mention in any way shape or form) was all about sh*t.  Buckets of it.  Overflowing.  Flooding.  Just oodles and oodles of doodles!

Those of you who personally know CK and her adoration of laughter, levity and humor can only imagine how the session devolved briefly as the client described her dream.  We were crying we were laughing so hard.  I mean, really – so much um, material to work with!  And the byline of the session became the title of this post, ‘My Pineal Brought Me Sh*t!’

And it was true.  It did.

The other two dreams were intimately personal to the client’s process, and not relevant to the point of the story.  So quit drooling and looking for salacious details!  This isn’t the National Enquirer, you know!

With the sh*t-storm dream as a preface, the import and credence to the messages that flowed through (as it were) in the subsequent dreams was hard to miss.

Believe me, the client is informed in new ways and at deeper levels about her process, her work and her healing.

Now trust CK – the point of this is not to get all of you seeking your own bad-ass Pineal sh*t dream.

It’s to let you know that we all have access to the deeper awareness that comes from learning to connect to ourselves beyond the rational/analytical mind.  And it is a cultivation process, not an event.

And the Pineal is a pretty important gland in the Endocrine system.  It regulates your melatonin releases, aiding in the all important sleep cycle – just ask those who are sleep deprived if they feel as sharp, clear and crisp as they do when they’re getting their full zzzzz’s.

Two other fascinating things of note about the Pineal: 

  • The energy of the gland is accessed and utilized to view energy clairvoyantly
  • The gland calcifies over time; fluoride toothpaste has been found to be a contributor to Pineal calcification.  Carrots and green beans are among the excellent veggies in the world that help decalcify the gland

Wanna know how to find the energy of the Pineal Gland?  My husband, Ken, is going to do a demonstration for you.  (I’d do the demo, but I need a haircut and can’t be seen in a video until I get a cut & style!)

For those of you who are not video-centric, or are not at all curious about what my husband looks like, here’s the process of connecting in to the energy of your Pineal Gland: 

  • Take your index fingers and rest them on top of the highest point of your ears
  • Move your fingers directly upward 1”
  • Move your fingers directly back toward the back of your head 1”
  • Imagine that you can push your fingers through your skull and connect them together inside all that mushy gray stuff in your head (it’s your brain, silly)
  • Somewhere in that mushy gray stuff is the energy of the Pineal Gland

How to know it when you reach it?  You’ll tend to feel it.  In your body.  Your tense places will ease slightly.  Your breath might become deeper and fuller.    Your racy mind will slow down and the more attuned, centered energy of the Pineal’s energy will inform your awareness.

Now trust me.  The Pineal doesn’t always bring sh*t.  It does bring awareness.  It does bring knowing.  So again, trust me; if it brings sh*t, pay attention!  Something’s up and You really want you to know, which is why You told you.  Got that?

Feel free to let other Potential Pinealers know about this post.  They may even thank you – even if their Pineal brings them sh*t!

Keep your vital energy flowing.

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