Path of an Energy Healer


"Learning energy healing with Jill has changed my life, and the life of my Lyme clients who often suffer from emotional trauma. Healing the body includes the mind and emotions. Energy healing provides me with a fully integrated practice that supports wholeness and wellness." Ellen Donaldson, Melrose, MA"

Ellen Donaldson, Starleaf Wellness

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The Path of The Energy Healer

Navigate your way to a healthy, successful practice

Experience level: New to energy healing

Perfect for: Those interested in pursuing an energy healing practitioner role.

Prerequisites: The Present of Presence

Tuition: $2,850 in full or six monthly installments

*Not sure this is the right program for you? Jill would be happy to help determine if your experience is a good fit for the program.

Class length: 75 hours classroom time, + 40 hours of practice client (6-9 months)

Course dates: click here to view course dates

Beginning the path to become an energy healing practitioner requires a deep commitment to training, strong direction from the instructor, and a set of professional protocols that help the student evolve into a high-level practitioner. Because this is a course of study that asks for your time, presence, and dedication, you must also choose a program that prepares you in the most thorough way.

EHI’s Path of An Energy Healer Practitioner Program offers a system-based, intensive training that includes online curriculum, hands-on classroom experience, group interaction, and skills integration. Students will learn healing protocols for the chakras and aura, specifically how to clear and evolve the emotional (Astral) body. This is not a crash course in energy healing; it is a serious, in-depth course that empowers students to practice energy healing in a clear, responsible way.

Included in the course:

  • 15 online hours of self-care skills
  • 3 hours of online Skill Integration sessions for chakra and aura practices
  • 32 hours of classroom training with EHI instructors
  • All class materials (illustrated manuals, guides, audio meditations)
  • 5 months of online mentoring
  • 5 months of business practice
  • Student review for those wanting to progress to the advanced-level Practitioner Program

Optional add-ons (priced separately)

  • One-on-one phone or video meetings with Jill
  • Business consulting with Jill

Who is this class for? This class is ideal for those who have dipped their toes into the world of energy healing—perhaps taken a class or two, or gone to a practitioner for a few sessions. You are curious about becoming a practitioner and running a client practice, want to gain a deeper understanding of how to do so, and desire a thorough training of best practices in energy healing.

Online Preparation for the Classroom Training

To begin the work in the Path of the Energy Healer Program, you'll work online and receive detailed, clear instruction via illustrated guides, meditations, and other class materials. Some of your learning is self-paced, available to you whenever you wish to study the material. Live courses require your participation, and give you a rich, diverse engagement with your classmates and instructor.

The Chakras and Aura—A complete overview of these energy bodies, and the integrated system they form

  • How it Works—A close look at how clearing energy in your chakras and aura allows you to be clear, connected, and committed to self-evolution and self-care.
  • 5 Clear Chakra Skills—A full set of invaluable tools, the Clear Skills will give you effective and powerful techniques for clearing the energy in your chakras.
  • 4 Clear Aura Skills—A complement to the Clear Chakra Skills, these four tools will clear the energetic field of your aura.
  • After Care—Protocols for processing and integrating your new skills, and for practicing continual self-care

Skills Integration—The self-care skills you’ve learned will be established and integrated into your practice with three Skill Integration sessions.

Classroom Work

Over the course of four days, for a total of 32 hours, students will learn in a classroom environment. You will learn and practice hands-on clearing skills during the table portion of the training, giving and receiving treatments from other students. The Path of The Energy Healer classroom curriculum will be taught by EHI Instructors who are active practitioners trained to lead the classroom training by Jill, the Founder & Director of EHI. On the final day, Jill will be present to participate in the teaching and learning, will witness the final energy clearing sessions, and prepare the class for the next phase of their training program. 

You'll Complete the Program Online with Jill

Mentoring—Students will begin the Mentoring aspect of the training and begin working on 4 volunteer clients, documenting a minimum of 10-hours of client sessions. The Mentoring program will include:

  • Logistics of running sessions (intake and consent forms, session flow, follow-up, etc.)
  • Case reviews based on your “practice” clients (client volunteers)
  • Group Mentoring sessions run by Jill
  • Student collaboration sessions between Mentoring sessions to complete assignments and expand learning

All mentoring sessions are mandatory attendance. Each mentoring session concludes with an assignment that you complete individually, then review with fellow students.

Business Practice—We’ll explore several facets of you and your practice, specifically through:

  • Who you are
  • How you hold your intention
  • How your business inspires you (or how you’d like it to)
  • How your business challenges you (or blocks you have around potential challenges)
  • Your level of energy available to create a thriving business

The Business Practice experience includes:

Messaging Modalities

Explore and create the story of your specific offerings and practice, and how you can help potential clients with your individual gifts. (If you’re just listing modalities on your website and marketing materials, you’re losing potential new business)

Pinpoint your strengths and assets compared to similar practitioners, and identify why someone should choose you

Determining Demographics

Create personas to target your ideal client; who they are and what they are looking for

Identify the most ideal networking and referral resources

Create opportunities for speaking, writing and community outreach

Marketing Tools

Learn how to promote your products and fill your client roster

Develop and implement marketing techniques like upsells, cross-sells, social media, and more

Selling Yourself

Identify the role sales will/should have in your practice

Learn how to sell your services without being pushy or inauthentic

Discover additional offerings that increase the appeal of your brand

Pricing and Unique Value

Align your pricing with your own unique offerings

Determine appropriate fee structures

Shed any uncomfortable energy around pricing

The Details

Learn the necessary logistics and protocols for keeping admin duties to a minimum while keeping your practice thriving

Protect your personal assets via smart and thorough documentation and liability protocols



Once you have completed the entire Path to an Energy Healer Program, and have submitted 40 hours of documented client work to Jill, you will have the option to have a Student Review. Jill will then determine if you are ready to enter the Advanced Energy Healing Protocols Program, or if you need some more experience before beginning.

If you’re serious about exploring an energy healing practice, and you are looking for a program that empowers students, this course could be ideal for you. If this feels like the right path for you, then it is. Your personal energetics will shift and evolve dramatically, and you will gain the confidence necessary to move forward with more advanced practitioner studies.

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