Path of an Energy Healer


The Path of an Energy Healer

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The Fall 2019 Path of an Energy Healer practitioner program is closed to new applicants.

Registration for Spring 2020 will open in late October.

Experience level: New to energy healing

Perfect for: Those interested in pursuing an energy healing career.

Prerequisites: The Present of Presence

Tuition: $3,975 in full or $795 (20%) payment, followed by 5 monthly installments of $650

Class length: 75 hours classroom time, + 60 hours of practice client experience (9-12 months)

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Program Details

Taking the path to become an energy healing practitioner requires a deep commitment to training, strong direction from the instructor, and a set of professional protocols that help the student learn to facilitate healing and run a business. Becoming a practitioner takes time, presence, and dedication. It's essential to choose a program that prepares you thoroughly.

EHI’s Path of an Energy Healer Practitioner Program offers a system-based, intensive training that includes online curriculum, hands-on classroom experience, group interaction, and supervision. Students will learn energy healing protocols to clear and evolve the Astral (emotional) chakras and aura. This is not a workshop or a crash course in energy healing; it is a serious, in-depth commitment to empower EHI students to practice energy healing in a clear, responsible way.

Who is this program for? This program is ideal if you have dipped your toes into the world of energy healing—perhaps taken a class or two, or gone to a practitioner for a few sessions. You are both curious and serious about becoming a practitioner and running a client practice, want to gain a deeper understanding of how to do so, and desire a thorough training of best practices in energy healing.

Program Format

The Path of an Energy Healer begins with self-care. There are two online courses, one live and one self-paced, that guide you through self-care skills and learning to clear energy in your own field. The skills and protocols you'll learn in these two courses are foundational to energy healing, whether doing the work to support a client’s healing or evolving your own life, patterns, behaviors and concerns. You progress into live, online classes to prepare for the four day classroom training. In the classroom experience, you'll anchor your understanding of the self-care and energy clearing skills, begin to formulate treatment approaches for common issues and gain appreciation for how energy healing can evolve the lives of your clients as you facilitate their experience with energy clearing.

Your time investment includes:

  • 15 online hours of self-paced, self-care skills — energy healing begins with you and your evolution so you can model and authorize your clients to do their work. You'll learn to work in your chakras and aura to clear energy, release blocks, obstructions, patterns and limiting behaviors, entrenched emotions, and to evolve your relationships.
  • 3 live, online Skill Integration Sessions with Jill to deepen your understanding of chakra and aura clearing practices and to develop strategies for common energetic issues.
  • A live, online class to help you prepare for the classroom training by learning the appropriate use of a pendulum
  • 4 days of intensive classroom training for hands-on and hands-off clearing, taught by Jill and her practitioner-instructors — you'll deliver each practice and protocol, and you'll receive them, too. You'll discuss the client intake process, energy hygiene, strategies for opening and closing a healing session. The work is anchored with the discussion and adoption of the EHI Guidelines for Intentional Practice, foundational principles for working as an energy healing practitioner. There's plenty of time for interaction with your peers and instructors. You'll leave with an evolved understanding of how to facilitate healing for the clients you'll attract into your practice.
  • A bound manual with reference and resource information, illustrations of the skills and practices to complement the online audio meditations and downloadable skills from your classes.
  • 6 months of case supervision in the online mentoring portion of the program. You'll be able to discuss your cases with your peers and Jill, and develop effective treatment strategies as your clients shift, grow, heal and evolve. Mentoring makes your knowledge come alive, and you and your clients benefit from this in-depth application of the online and classroom learning. Mentoring also includes a module on teaching clearing skills to clients so that they can support their healing and growth between sessions with you.
  • 5 months of business development resources and tools for designing and launching a client practice. We cover a lot of ground from practice design to sales and marketing, client intake and consent forms, session notes and other legalities. You'll look at building your networks, growing your visibility in your community and developing your reputation as a grounded, efficacious practitioner. You'll spend time figuring out your session pricing, how you describe and explain what you offer, and how to entice new clients to work with you. If you've never been self-employed or run a client practice, there's a lot of essential information in this aspect of the training. You'll work on your own to complete assignments to launch your business, and meet online with your cohort in a Mastermind process to explore your ideas in greater detail, get feedback from your peers and support each other as you move forward with designing and growing your business.
  • Client case review with Jill for students who have completed 60 hours of documented client sessions and feel ready to progress to the Advanced Energy Healing Protocols practitioner program.

Is The Path of an Energy Healer Practitioner Program Right For You?

You can begin the process of making this decision by completing the application in the link below. Give some time and thought to answering the questions in the application. If you can explain your interest in this program in the application, and can describe how you currently engage in your own self-care, it's probably a pretty good fit for you.

Please note: You must complete an application for Jill to engage with you and discuss the program. She needs information about you, your commitment to yourself and your interests in energy healing. She also needs to know that you've put in the time and energy to research and read about the program before she can commit her time to connecting with you.

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Additional Information

To learn more about our philosophy, please read EHI's Program Philosophy. And for frequently asked questions about our programs, see EHI's Program FAQS.

"Learning energy healing with Jill has changed my life, and the life of my Lyme clients who often suffer from emotional trauma. Healing the body includes the mind and emotions. Energy healing provides me with a fully integrated practice that supports wholeness and wellness."

Ellen Donaldson, Melrose, MA, Starleaf Wellness