Certification for the Embodied Energy System Practitioner Program

Practitioner Program



EHI Practitioner Program (For practitioners who do not currently have a healing practice, the Mentoring Program is also required)

Perfect for:

Practitioners desiring the structure certification to anchor their understanding and application of energy healing skills and protocols in their practice



The EHI Certification is an optional offering for interested practitioners

Certification isn’t mandatory at EHI, yet it adds a valuable level of training and credibility. After completing the EHI certification process, practitioners gain confidence in their knowledge and capabilities with the work. Jill only refers EHI-certified practitioners when contacted for a referral; the standards of the program are high, and EHI-certified practitioners are more well-rounded and grounded.

Who is this class for?

Practitioners who have completed the EHI Practitioner Program and are now optionally attending or have completed the Mentoring Program may become certified. Students may enroll in the Mentoring Program while accruing practice hours toward certification. The EHI certification process requires:

  • 50 hours of documented client practice
  • 5 clients receiving 10 sessions each, focusing on a specific issue or intention
  • Documentation on client sessions to be submitted for review and approval
  • Written exam on the curriculum content
  • Development of a client case study
  • Instructor observation of at least 1 client session (online or in person)

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