Embodied Energy System Philosophy

Embodied Energy System Philosophy


The Fundamentals of Practice

Are you considering expanding upon your existing practice by incorporating energy healing into your offerings? Or are you simply interested in learning more about the ins and outs of energy healing

Whether you have an established practice or an innate curiosity, energy healing is not something you can learn during a weekend workshop. It’s a deeply explorative and widely expansive journey that teaches you equally about your own energies and your client’s.

Incorporating the lessons taught in the EHI Practitioner Program requires a commitment to being a grounded, responsible practitioner. You must have a thorough knowledge and comprehension of the multiple energy bodies and their separate chakras and aura systems, and the neutral discernment to identify how to best help your clients.

Understanding the Chakras & Auras & Planes of Awareness

Energy is everywhere, but it’s not visible to the human eye. So how do you even begin to work with something that’s there but not there? And how can you know that what you’re doing is having a positive effect, or any effect at all?

The human body is a series of organs, glands and structures that work together as a system. The human energy body is the same. Offering energy healing in a practice requires a deep understanding of that energy system—and a coherent set of tools and skills that support healing and evolution.

Diving deeper, the human energy field is a complex ecosystem of intersecting planes of consciousness. Within these planes lie the chakra and aura systems that comprise the energy system.

While many people are familiar with the primary seven chakras and the aura that surrounds the body, few realize this is just one set of chakras, and they are primarily correlated to the emotional or Astral awareness of the human body.

The Etheric energy system is a corresponding energy system that is highly complex, comprising thousands of chakras and a small, dense aura that feeds energy to all of the organs, glands, cells, systems for the physical body. It integrates with the Astral energy system and five other planes of consciousness that make up the holistic human.

Creating a mainstream practice

It’s becoming more and more common to see energy healing incorporated into mainstream health care. It can be found in hospitals, healing centers, hospice, and integrative practices, and it comes in many different modalities.

In order to create a strong and effective personal practice, it’s best to take a comprehensive, systems-based approach to energy work.

Be clear, clean, and conscious

The protocols and practices that you’ll learn in the Embodied Energy System Practitioner Program will assist you with healing and evolving your own as well as the client’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages. You will be learning a fully integrated approach to conscious healing. To integrate and embody these learnings requires a systems-based approach that incorporates energy hygiene, clarity of intent and conscious action.

When Intentions Aren’t Enough

Intentions are essential, and can be extremely powerful aids for personal growth and evolution. However, they can only be effective when your beliefs are aligned with your intentions. Your intentions will be consistently undermined if you are harboring negative self-beliefs or thought patterns. Beliefs and your energy field are tightly integrated – if you believe you’re not worthy, you’ll manifest experiences that prove that belief. Our lives are created in partnership with our personal belief systems. A beautiful benefit of the EHI courses is that every tool and protocol you learn can be applied to your own energy field, helping you become a master manifestor!

The importance of a systems-based approach

Please read this section carefully.

The structure and operation of a person’s energy healing field is often taught using outdated and incorrect New Age philosophies, ungrounded approaches, and ineffectual practices.

The practice of energy healing isn’t something that can or should be learned from books or casual workshops, or from a well-meaning but inexperienced teacher. This sort of education leaves big holes in your practice—holes that will show up in your personal practice. Making the commitment to a legitimate course of learning is imperative for the highest level of energetic work, and for integrity as a practitioner. You and your clients deserve that!

A few last thoughts…

Thank you for taking the time to review and consider this information. In a nutshell, to effectively integrate energy healing into your personal practice, you need to:

  • Study deeply
  • Be willing to unlearn some things that are holding you back
  • Learn a systems-based approach to healing
  • Set yourself up to thrive
  • Leave your ego at the door
  • Represent your work with competency, depth and breadth

If you’re interested in learning more about the EHI Practitioner Program, please feel to connect with Jill. You can also visit the course page to learn more or register for the next available course.

"I’ve learned so much about energy, healing, resistance, belief systems, intention, universal principles, consciousness, and the power of the human spirit in the EHI Practitioner Program.”