Business Coaching


Personal coaching for starting and operating a successful healing practice

Experience level: Active Practitioner

Perfect for: Practitioners desiring one-on-one coaching to acquire the knowledge and tools for a thriving business

Coaching structure: Customized to the practitioner’s needs and goals

Cost: Because each practitioner has different needs for coaching, cost will be assessed after initial discussion with Jill.

You have put much time and energy into mastering your healing modalities. Now, you want to launch or grow your client practice, but you’re not sure where to begin. Though practitioners are often focused on helping their clients, a successful business requires the integration of smart, strategic business practices.

Most people in the healing arts loathe the business side of things; it can seem overly complicated, time-consuming, and—honestly—boring. So how do you acquire the business acumen and maintain enthusiasm for the process?

Working one-on-one with Jill Leigh provides you with all of the tools and strategies needed to grow your business from within. The consultative, personal approach to expanding your business acumen is fun, comprehensive and interactive. You’ll have the expert advice of an advanced practitioner and teacher to guide you through each step involved in building your business. As a result, you’ll set a strong foundation for success, and it will be an enjoyable process that builds a business you are proud of.

Working with Jill

We’ll explore several facets of you and your practice, specifically through:

  • Who you are
  • How you hold your intention
  • How your business inspires you (or how you’d like it to)
  • How your business challenges you (or blocks you have around potential challenges)
  • Your level of energy available to create a thriving business

What You’ll be Learning

Through your one-on-one work with Jill, you will learn the ins and outs of smart business practices, including easily implementable techniques and invaluable advice. 

Messaging Modalities

  • Explore and create the story of your specific offerings and practice, and how you can help potential clients with your individual gifts. (If you’re just listing modalities on your website and marketing materials, you’re losing potential new business)
  • Pinpoint your strengths and assets compared to similar practitioners, and identify why someone should choose you

Determining Demographics

  • Create personas to target your ideal client; who they are and what they are looking for
  • Identify the most ideal networking and referral resources
  • Create opportunities for speaking, writing and community outreach

Marketing Tools

  • Learn how to promote your products and fill your client roster
  • Develop and implement marketing techniques like upsells, cross-sells, social media, and more

Selling Yourself

  • Identify the role sales will/should have in your practice
  • Learn how to sell your services without being pushy or inauthentic
  • Discover additional offerings that increase the appeal of your brand

Pricing and Unique Value

  • Align your pricing with your own unique offerings
  • Determine appropriate fee structures
  • Shed any uncomfortable energy around pricing

The Details

  • Learn the necessary logistics and protocols for keeping admin duties to a minimum while keeping your practice thriving
  • Protect your personal assets via smart and thorough documentation and liability protocols

Are you ready to create the thriving practice you desire? Want to learn the ropes without feeling overwhelmed or creatively stifled?  Contact Jill to get started.

I consulted with Jill to design a cohesive offering for my clients using the suite of modalities I have studied. She guided me through a journey of designing my practice by trusting my authentic knowing and owning my competencies as a practitioner. My client practice is a beautiful reflection of who I am and what I have studied and mastered. Jill's business expertise and creative insights were a valuable complement to the inner work she facilitated."

Suzanne West, Akashic Records, Energy & Sound Healing Practitioner, Imagery Facilitator, Wilmington, DE