The Etheric Aura is Compact & Close to the Body

Unlike the Astral body, the aura for the Etheric body or field is quite dense and compact, extending one inch from the surface of the body.

When you become facile and at ease migrating between the Astral and Etheric energy systems, you’ll be quite amazed at how much feedback you get in your hands when you access the Etheric aura. I sometimes describe sensations I perceive in the Astral body as feather-like, a feather brushing the skin, or the cool waft of air when a feather is moved back and forth. The Etheric aura is much denser. There are no feathers. If there are, they’re dipped in mud!

What feels like tingles in the Astral feels like pulling and pushing against my hands. Other words that come to mind: viscous, thick, sticky. Of course this is energy, so there’s no actual stickiness, but low quality Etheric energy can have those type of sensations.

Also unlike the Astral, there is absolutely a qualitative association with Etheric energy. Emotional energy has different vibrations, anger is a very different vibration than joy. One is not good and the other bad. Both emotions exist and simply are, they aren’t good or bad.

A healthy, vibrant athlete who works out, eats healthy foods and gets adequate rest will have high quality Etheric energy. A lethargic teenager or adult who consumes a lot of junk food and hangs out on the couch all day drinking soda is going to have lower quality Etheric energy, but s/he may not be ill. An individual with diabetes or thyroid cancer will have low quality Etheric energy. The physical body is enrolled in a disease that threatens quality of life, in fact can terminate life.

The Astral Aura’s First Layer is NOT the Etheric Aura

Do not get confused by the location issues between Astral and Etheric. They are separate bodies or fields of awareness. You’ve already learned that there are chakras vibrating in the Etheric plane that are located in the same place as Astral chakras, vibrating in their plane.

When you begin to work on your practice clients, you’ll start articulating very clearly which body you’re accessing. When you are clearing or setting boundaries in the first layer of the Astral aura, your hands will be about 1-1.5″ off of the surface of the client’s body. You’ll be in the Astral field because you intentionally declare that this is where you’re working. You won’t say it out loud, but you’ll need to be clearly focused on your intention and which body you are accessing.

When you clear the Etheric aura, you’ll be best served working on the meaty upper thigh, and your hands will be within a quarter-to a half of an inch of the client’s body as you gather and release energy in the field. You won’t be in the Astral, it’s a separate body. Your intention will be clear, and the field you access will be consciously chosen.

Next steps:

Proceed to the quiz to test out of this section. Then you’ll begin to explore and practice a few additional energy hygiene skills that are essential to use when working with Etheric energy.