Conducting Tablework Remotely

Several considerations to make

I like to use sticky notes, coins, colored stickers to mark the height of the client before I conduct a remote session.

With sticky notes, I can draw lines to convey the position of the feet at rest on the table. The little images below help you see what I mean. I deliberately didn’t make this a fancy presentation. You won’t make it fancy in your work environment either!

Practice this first

Before you conduct an actual remote session with practice clients, gather the height and feet positions of one of your family members. Measure out and mark the family member’s height on the table, a sticky note at the head, and a sticky note at the feet (based on his or her height) that identifies the feet positions at rest.

Now, put your energy hygiene in place.

‘Say hello’ to your family member. (You’re alone in the room, your client is not there!) You’re activating his or her energy so that you can see what hand chakras perceive, without the family member being in the room or on the table.

Stand at the head of the table and see if you can sense the crown chakra with your hand chakras. Move to the feet and see if you can sense the feet chakras, again, using your hand chakras.

Now see if you can sense the first chakra, second chakra, third chakra…on up to the crown.

Step away from the table and release your energy hygiene. You’re NOT going to conduct a remote session on a family member or friend!

How did that go? If you were able to sense the energy centers, you’re ready to proceed. If not, gather the height and feet information from two or three other people and try again.

Once you can sense the energies that are conveyed through saying hello and knowing the height and feet positions, testing for your ability to sense the chakras, you’re ready to run a remote session.

Next steps:

Review your Practicum for Conducting Remote Sessions. We’ll look forward to seeing the results of your work when you upload it for review and feedback.