Download & Practice Etheric Containment

Prana is to Etheric as Green & Gold are to Astral

Prana is your resource for Etheric Containment. Prana is the energy flow that is used for shifting and evolving the Etheric energy body. Prana is similar to chi, which is used in modalities that resource the meridian system for affecting the organs and systems in the body.

Since all of this work is based on the Etheric energy system, the nadis, chakras and aura, Prana is the energy that is most compatible with the workings of the Etheric body.

Your aura extends about 1″ from the surface of your body, and it surrounds the body, head to toe, side to side, your Etheric aura continually moves energy to and from the chakras and sources Prana as needed to revitalize the field.

You’re probably already aware that all of these exercises are about consciousness, intention and personal sovereignty. Since your Etheric body is interacting with Prana all the time, these skills turn unconscious, autonomic energetic action into a conscious resource that you can use for your own purposes.

Gathering Prana

As you tune into the Pranic flow coming from the sun, you can gather it in your hands. Reach out in front of you and scoop up a 6″ ball of pranic energy. Hold it in your hands, as you would a 6″ rubber ball.

Observe the sensations in your hand. Do your palms feel a sense of pressure, tingling? Any heat or cooling? Perhaps another sensation or awareness is occurring. Whatever might be happening, validate it with open curiosity and acceptance.

Now, slowly (very slowly), move your hands slightly farther apart, perhaps 1-2 inches beyond the ball of Prana that you’ve been holding. See if you can sense the tension between your palms as you stretch the Pranic ball. Move your hands slowly back to the 6″ or so distance. What did you notice as you returned the ball of energy to its original size?

Repeat this a few times to deepen your awareness and discernment of the energy and its properties.

If you’d like, you can bring this ball of Pranic energy to hover directly above the body, no more than 3/4-1″ away from the skin’s surface, and slowly spread your palms apart to deliver this stream to your Etheric aura. Perhaps you’ll notice the flow state that emerges as the ball of energy makes contact with your aura. Your hands are continuing to source Prana to deliver to your aura. You may also sense the Pranic flow as it commingles with the energy already in the Etheric aura. Practitioners often report a sense of uplift, a subtle uptick in their vitality.

I encourage you to play with this exercise from time to time as you internalize the Etheric Containment skill. The visualization that you’ll listen to is equally valuable to your work, and is a more appropriate application when you’re in your client practice, preparing for a treatment.

The more familiar you become with an energy, the more accessible, powerful and resourceful it becomes.

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