Major Chakras

Seven Major Chakras Delivering Energy to Organs, Systems & Glands

True confessions: I always struggle with sharing rainbow colored chakra images, especially for the Etheric body. You probably remember from the Astral practitioner program, the chakras vibrate at the rainbow color associated with them, but the chakra itself is full of lots of colors, many of which are murky and dark, representing other people’s energy in the chakra.

Colors are even less important in the Etheric body. I’ve eliminated the rainbow colors here to help you begin to distinguish between Astral and Etheric chakras, although the Etheric poster that I offer continues to show the rainbow colors and to leverage the familiarity your clients will likely have with the color scheme associated with the chakras.

In case you’ve forgotten: Please avoid propagating the false information that the chakras themselves are red, orange, yellow, etc. The correct concept is to understand that meditation on the color red will eventually land your awareness in the first chakra, meditation on the color orange will bring the 2nd chakra to your awareness, and so forth. Of course, meditating on the rainbow colors brings your awareness to the Astral body, not the Etheric.

With the Etheric body, I like to think in terms of the chakras as metabolizers or consumers of energy. The seven major chakras are consuming energy as they disperse it to the minor chakras that consume energy on behalf of individual organs, glands and as part of overall body functions, such as respiration, circulation, and digestion.

The chart below (fuzzy on the page, but available as a pdf download as well), shows you the primary organs, systems and glands associated with each one of the Major Etheric chakras.

Etheric Chakra Locations

The location of some the chakras in the body are different than the Astral chakra, though you’ll see shortly that there are several chakras that are located in the same place! This can feel confusing at first, but it becomes clearer when you recognize two separate energy bodies vibrating in separate planes, performing entirely different tasks. If the two bodies were side by side, you could clearly understand that the Astral second chakra is two fingers below the navel, while the Etheric second chakra is located between the ovaries in women, and at the base of the spine in men.

See the chart below to see the locations of the chakras in the Etheric and Astral body.

You’ll become used to bringing careful clarity to your chakra assessments, clearing and infusing. Placing your hand on the correct chakra, and acknowledging which plane or body you’re working in as you check rotations, clear and infuse chakras will become second nature! The important thing to remember is that although some of the Etheric chakras are located in the same place as Astral chakras, they’re vibrating in two different planes of awareness. When you access the Etheric body in a session, you engage with that energy system in its uniqueness. When you engage and clear the Astral body, you’re interacting with the Astral energy system. Over time, your perception of the different qualities or sensations of the energies in the Astral and Etheric bodies will become clear. In general, Etheric energy is denser, moves more sluggishly, and carries less ‘information’ in some ways. Information in this context means emotional ballast, context that is rich and pervasive in the Astral body.

Rotations & Openings

Yes. Check the chakra rotations. Use the chart referenced above to check the rotations. This becomes part of your session opening. You’ll check both Astral and Etheric chakra rotations from here forward. Memorize the locations. Begin to articulate which chakra: Astral 2nd, Etheric 3rd, Astral 5th, Etheric 6th. You won’t need to say it loud, but you’ll need to intend and attend to what you’re doing.

No. Do not adjust chakra openings. The percentages that you apply in the Astral do not apply in the Etheric. Remember, less is more. Do not assume that adjusting the opening of a Major chakra has no implications on the Minor chakras downstream.

If you ran a dam for a power company on a significant river, a major water release creates a lot of implications downstream. Depending on your client and his or her case, an adjustment to the aperture or opening of a Major chakra could flood Minor chakras that are struggling or blocked. The physical body pays the price.

Energy Transformers & Your House

Another way to distinguish the role of the major Etheric chakras is to think in terms of a transformer on an electrical pole in front of a house. The transformer is there to step down and regulate energy flowing through the power lines so that when it enters your home, it doesn’t explode! The major Etheric chakras operate in a similar fashion. They are receiving energy (Prana), and regulating its flow into the minor Etheric chakras that fuel the organs, systems and glands in the physical body. The Major chakras provide energy to multiple Minor chakras, distributing it in the exact proportions each chakra needs. Of course, energy is a flow-state, just like electricity. Your dryer uses more energy than an end table lamp, and the wiring and circuitry in your home makes it possible to deliver the right amount of energy to the appliance or lamp. More energy flows to your heart and circulation system (the heart is the most powerful Electromagnetic Field in your body) than flows to the joint that wiggles your big toe.

When treating physical illness or disease, it’s often most effective to work at the macro level than the micro level. Someone with pancreatic cancer may not benefit from working with the chakras associated directly with the pancreas. Rather, working at the Etheric 3rd chakra and allowing the energies the pancreas needs to be delivered by the body’s wisdom and knowing is often the most effective approach. You’ll see me say this a lot in this program, when working with Etheric energy, less is often more!

Next steps:

Download the pdf materials and proceed to the Minor Chakra overview.