Summary – Etheric Neutrailty

Etheric Containment & Etheric Neutrality are a gift to your body

When you apply these skills with each and every client (who has an Astral/Etheric case), you are delivering yourself Pranic flow, life force, vitality, healing with every client session. Your body will never say no to Prana. The body does not reject life force. The body does not say ‘no thank you’ to Pranic flow.

It should also be stated that if you have a diagnosis of some sort, then you want to be sure to run Prana into the organs involved so that you are reflecting an appropriate vibration to your client.

I won’t overshare, but at one point in my menopausal journey, I had some difficult symptoms to manage. It became clear to me very quickly that I was attracting a lot of perimenopausal women into my practice, and that I needed to keep my symptoms and issues out of these women’s experience!

What a gift to be able to create distinction, maintain autonomy and share vibrational healing with your clients without delivering your energy into their field, or taking their energy into yours.

Next steps:

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