Watch the Demonstration: Astral / Etheric Case Intakes

The goal hasn’t changed – about 7-10 minutes for Intake

Be patient with yourself. If your Case Intakes with an initial client are still requiring 15-20 minutes, you’ve got an opportunity to continue to refine your process so that you continue to decrease the amount of time it takes to conduct an intake.

Sometimes it’s a matter of gently framing the conversation with a client so that they are less inclined to share lots of details and stories. Other times you may find that you need to tighten your questions and hone in more quickly on the client’s issues and concerns.

And of course, there’s no hard and fast rules around this! Based on your practice and modalities that you offer, there may be a good reason for a longer intake process. My only caution to you is to make sure you’re not in a lengthy intake process because you’re not doing the work of refining it to something more concise!

Next steps:

Download the pdf Case Intake template and watch the Demonstration video. Then proceed to the next set of Lessons and Topics on the expanded Session Notes form.