Watch the Demonstration: Opening a Session – Energy Balancing

This is a 2.5-3 minute protocol

Just like the Session Opening process for an Astral session, the Energy Balancing, chakra openings and rotations process is preparation for the work, not the work itself. Getting to the point where this protocol is so familiar and its purpose is so well internalized that you can complete it in 2-3 minutes allows you to prepare the client’s energy for the clearing work you’ll do and use the majority of your session time doing the real work of the session.


In the first set of images, you’re seeing Syncing the System and Engaging the Occipital and the Medulla Chakras.

In the second set of images, you’re continuing to set up the client’s energy so that you’ll be able to draw it down in the body to the feet. You’re seeing one hand remaining on the back of the neck, while the other begins to access the energies in the shoulder chakras and Etheric heart chakra. Notice that the hand that migrates to the shoulder chakras is not twisted or contorted. It’s easiest to back away from the head of the table a bit to allow your body to do this with ease. Ergnomically, your body need not be contorted to activate the shoulder chakras. It’s important not to twist your arm to access the opposite shoulder. Twisting your arm spirals the energy, which is not called for in this process.

In the third set of images, you’re now facing the client, and placing your hands on the shoulders again, the hips and the knees. Be sure to attend to to the hand positions so that you are consistently pointing your finger tips down toward the table (shoulders, hips), and that you are neither crossing or twisting your arms and wrists when you reach the knees.

In the final set of images, you’re standing at the foot of the table, and completing the protocol with the ankles and the feet. Again, hand positions are key for both your body, and to avoid spiraling energies in the client’s field.

Next steps:

Proceed to the next Lesson to get clear on Chakra Rotations with the Etheric body, and how you’d check chakra settings at the beginning of an integrated Astral & Etheric session.