Watch the Demonstration: Releasing Energy Hygiene

Lots of tools, not much time!

You’re about to watch the Demonstration: Releasing Energy Hygiene video. You’re the boss of you, but you may want to consider watching the video a few times. Once through to watch the process, and a few times to stand at your table and follow the steps to begin the process of internalizing the Etheric energy hygiene release process (since you already know the Astral part). It may be easiest to play the Setting Hygiene demonstration video followed by the Releasing Hygiene demonstration video so that you practice both aspects of the work.

If you have any questions about the process, each one of the hygiene skills is available to you to review.

As you follow along with the recording, make note of any sensations or awareness that you perceive as you release your energy hygiene.

Next steps:

You’re on your way to the Tablework sections of the program. You’ll start layering in all of the Etheric tablework skills into what you’ve already learned in the Astral program.