Watch the Demonstration: Untangling Nadis

Let’s get Untangling!

This is another Etheric protocol that I love to do. There’s something very special to me about working in the Etheric energy body, knowing that I’m supporting physical healing in conjunction with helping a client resolve emotional issues that contribute to their lack of wellness and vitality.

As your fingertips sensitize to the protocol, you may feel tiny little puffs of air (they’re not air, but it’s the best way I can think of to describe the opening up of tangled energy channels). They’re very subtle, and you  may be moving carefully and applying such focused intention to the task that you miss it. But no worries, you’re Untangling Nadis and opening up energy flow. When energy is flowing, healing and symptom relief can absolutely happen!

Here’s the illustration of the Untangling Nadis process. Again, note that I’m working with my hands together, on the video you’ll see they are literally touching one another as I traverse the digestive system on my client. She’s not ticklish, so she did just fine! (If someone is a bit ticklish, try not to touch the surface of the body while having your hands as close to the body as possible.)

You may want to try this on yourself in a place you can readily access with both your hands. Got a sore ankle? A bruise? Digestive issues? A UTI? Whatever is going on physically (other than metastasizing illness), can be treated with Untangling Nadis.

Next steps:

Watch the video, download your pdfs and then proceed to the next protocol that you’ll learn for work in the Etheric body.