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As you move into Etheric work, your focus is on the client case

You may have heard me say in other places and spaces–such as a Mentoring or Supervision call, in some of the videos in the Astral program–you’re forever and always working a case. In other words, effective, grounded, successful practitioners establish a body of work with their clients, something the client would like to shift, grow beyond, heal, evolve.

When you’re working in the Etheric body, more than ever, the case defines the treatment strategy.

I often say with Astral work, if you’re working on a client’s fearfulness, and they feel that fear in their chest, you’re going to focus on clearing the Astral heart chakra, because that’s where the fear-based energy is stored and experienced. However, if you somehow neglected to clear the heart chakra during the session, the client would still experience relief, release and healing. S/he/they might never know that you missed a step in that day’s treatment.

In the Etheric body, the client case rules the day. In other words, if you’re working with a client who has digestive issues, clearing the Etheric 6th chakra is not likely to be part of a treatment strategy unless migraines or headaches are also part of the case. When you’re treating a physical illness or issue, work the case. Stay away from adding extraneous clearing, do not use your pendulum as a resource to ask, should I clear this, that or the other thing during a session. (I mention this last statement because when I’m in case supervision, I hear this all the time. The practitioner will describe the client’s case, let’s say digestive concerns, and then mention that they treated the Etheric heart chakra or 5th chakra. When I query the choice to do so, the answer is usually, I checked with my pendulum to see if I should clear them and got a ‘yes’.)

I could go on for days about this, but I’m going to restrain myself. Please, please work the case. Do not get fancy. If you find yourself with extra time before the end of the session, revert to Astral. You can’t go wrong clearing more Astral energy. You can’t go wrong clearing an Astral chakra that’s unrelated to the digestive system. In the Etheric body, less is always more. Integration is key, and moving the client’s case forward at the pace of integration is your best approach to supporting their healing and evolution.

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