Watch the video to Prepare for Combing Health Rays

A little more about Health Rays

In the Spring of 2020,  I tore my meniscus and ended up having a wonderful treatment that included a stem cell injection and acupuncture to stimulate healing. Along with the treatment I received, I worked on my energy as well. I Combed Health Rays every day over my knee and the places surrounding the meniscus where I had experienced significant pain. When I was discharged from the treatment, I was told that I had healed faster than any other patient he had treated. He wanted to know my secret!

So, what about you? Take a moment and think about your body and its health and vitality. Is there anything going on in your body that could use a bit of support?

Next steps:

Watch the preparation video to be ready for the Demonstration: Combing Health Rays. We’ll come back to your health concern once you’ve completed the Demonstration.