Watch the video to Prepare for Easing Pain & Cooling Inflammation

Nearly unlimited uses for this protocol!

If a client has pain, this is a great protocol to use. It both cools inflammation and reduces pain, it also siphons off the energies that are contributing to the pain and inflammation. It’s also frequently described by clients as being deeply relaxing and reassuring. There’s a lengthy holding of the injured or inflamed part that allows clients to relax and let go. Often pain creates rigidity as the individual attempts to tolerate the sensations. The holding by the practitioner eases the rigidity, and enables release, relaxation and restoration.

It’s so simple that some practitioners wondered if it would actually work – they’re skeptical until they apply it, and their clients help them see its value through their increased relaxation and decreased discomfort.

As I write this Lesson series, I’m involved with a case with a client who has chronic foot pain. I did a session for her yesterday, using this protocol for about 7-8 minutes during the treatment. Today she’s walking without a limp for the first time all week! She let go, relaxed, released and the limp is cleared. The foot still has a way to go before it’s fully recovered, but this client is progressing with every treatment; her podiatrist indicated that she’d need to learn to live with the pain, and she decided that she’d prefer to resolve the issue. I believe we’ll get there. It’s exciting to watch her progress!

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