Watch the video to Prepare for Opening a Session – Energy Balancing

From Head to Toe

You’ll be applying a few Energy Hygiene skills to your client’s energy as you prepare their field for clearing. One of the reasons you do these skills on yourself first is to offer them as a model to your clients. If you don’t have your energy balanced and aligned, your client will not readily come into balance either. Your energy is the authority in the room!

Your intention with this process is to balance the energy bodies, Left/Right, Top/Bottom, Side/Side, and bring the clients energetic awareness (both conscious and unconscious) throughout the energy field, rather than centered so heavily in the head. In essence, the work here is to connect the client’s mind-body-emotion-spirit-essence-self-awareness, from here on referred to as ‘energy’. In this process, when you’re aware and intentional, you’re inviting the client’s full self to the process, while letting the busy mind surrender to the part of self that is engaged and interested in evolution. It’s a pretty beautiful thing.

As your clients unconsciously entrain to this over multiple sessions, they’ll get on the table and their energy body will initiate the process on its own!

It’s pretty important to understand that your client houses a powerful, self-empowered essence that when invited through full embodiment and conscious awareness, is a sensate presence and (r)evolutionary collaborator within the client and their intentions.

Next steps:

Watch the Preparation video and then proceed to the video, Demonstration: Energy Balancing.