Watch the video to Prepare for Infusing Etheric Chakras

Major or Minor Etheric Chakra Infusions

As you watch the video, notice that I’m not highly specific about when you might choose to infuse an Etheric chakra. There’s no right or wrong, though you may consider how close you are to wrapping up the session. If you’re early on in the session and have done some Etheric chakra clearing, you might want to infuse the chakra. If the person has a deficiency, such as low digestive fire, or perhaps low blood pressure, hypothyroidism, then you may want to consider infusing the chakra to increase its overall vitality and energy flow.

When there’s excessive action in the body, such as hyperthyroidism, or a fast-growing cancer, then infusing the chakra may not be what you want to do. (In the case of cancer, there’s lots of things to be concerned with. You may want to avoid the chakra altogether. It’s best to schedule a supervision session with complex illnesses than to go it alone.)

The visual reference for Infusing an Etheric chakra looks very similar to Clearing an Etheric chakra.

You’ll gather a ball of Prana:

You’ll hold the energy until it’s resonating strongly in your hand chakras:

You’ll deliver it to the chakra, with one hand on the chakra, the other hand behind your back (to eliminate the confusion that could result from having your second hand begin to release energy as you do with Clearing Emotional Energy or Clearing an Etheric Major or Minor Chakra).

You’ll find yourself spending about 1-1.5 minutes on an Etheric chakra infusion. Listen with your hands for the push back, the signal that the chakra has received enough energy.

Next steps:

After you’ve completed the teaching video, you’ll proceed to working in the Etheric aura. One of my favorite Etheric tools in the toolkit!