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This blog is dedicated to dialogue, conversation, inquiry and the invitation to explore energy healing, vibrational healing, energy medicine (pick your chosen term) at deep, conscious levels.

Over the past 10-12 years, energy healing has left the domain of the New Age and has entered the world of integrative medicine and complimentary healing therapies.  As Reiki became a household word and practitioners began to interface directly with the medical community (I’d love to see a survey of how many traditionally trained nurses are also Reiki practitioners), energy healing has become an accepted practice and has earned its place with other alternative therapies and healing modalities.

Energy Healing Institute, and I as its, Founder have spent many years studying, researching, learning and practicing energy healing, the science behind energy medicine and equally importantly, the study of consciousness.

From EHI’s perspective, it is consciousness that creates the healing space, the potentiality for assimilation, healing – even ‘miracles.’  And the exploration of consciousness is important and meaningful work.  In this realm, it is impossible for the healing practitioner to remain boundaried by the conventions of rational thinking, concrete intellect and the ‘rules of the game.’  As consciousness expands, insight looms large and what once seemed improbable, perhaps impossible becomes matter of fact, accessible and held in expectancy.

And there are other real and practical issues that EHI and its associates and participants actively contemplate.  Credentialing or licensing chakra-based modalities is very difficult to accomplish.  If one were to read three different books about chakras by reputable, highly regarded experts, they’d discover discrepancies (significant ones) in each author’s representation of the chakras, their role, sometimes their placement in the human body, and their functions.  How can a form that has multiple perspectives, philosophies and approaches be credentialed?  What is the coherent link between all of the different chakra-based modalities?  How can these chakra and prana-based energy healing forms achieve the level of recognition and acceptance that Meridian-based therapies have gained?

I suspect that the credibility will come through elevating the dialogue about energy, integrating the Science, the Spirit and the practices of energy healing and using the lens of consciousness to create the validity and credentialing opportunities for the various forms.

I also would love to see this blog become a forum for EHI’s participants (who we encourage to become life-long students of energy, consciousness and the scientific basis for the work) to engage in a dialogue with EHI.  Bringing their inquiries, ideas and explorations to the conversation enriches all of us and expands our awareness and conscious perception of healing, the mind-body-spirit inextricable connection, and the foundations and fundamentals of life as we know it.

Welcome.  Please engage.  Participate.  Ask.  Share.  Conscious Conversations is here for you.

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