Nugget Bundle

5 Energy Issues + 5 Solutions...for Life!

Are you seeking the next step in your personal evolution?

  • Do you find yourself repeating redundant behaviors from other times and places without being able to interact authentically?
  • Have you learned lesson after lesson, stuck with the beliefs, behaviors, and limitations that make up a story that isn’t who you truly are?

The Nugget Bundle offers five unique protocols for handling common energy issues. These protocols are paired with a distinct set of skills that you can immediately apply to resolve your energy issues and how you relate to them.

Harmonize your relationship with your energy and emotions.

By learning the skills of consciously experiencing your energy and emotions, you’re able to participate in your life with more autonomy, self-care, and ease.


5 Common Energy Challenges, Solved.


You're quick to anger or feel strong emotions, finding yourself REacting rather than choosing your next move.

The Nugget Bundle protocols teach you to consciously process emotional energy calmly and consistently so you remain in the driver’s seat.


You often find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted from fixing other people’s challenges.

The Nugget Bundle protocols teach you to prioritize yourself emotionally, physically, and energetically above all else.


You find yourself ‘shrinking’ your life, avoiding people, places, and activities in order to cope with your sensitivities.

The Nugget Bundle not only teaches you to manage your sensitivities, but to learn from and let them go entirely.


Your physical, emotional, and energetic boundaries are nonexistent, leaving you flooded with external energies and exhausted.

The Nugget Bundle protocol teaches you to create and sustain energetic boundaries, own your own energy, and hold your own space. There is no need for you to take on the energy of others as your own.


Your relationships are fraught with old stories, grudges, and derailing emotions.

The Nugget Bundle protocol teaches you to let go of old stories and interact through present moment awareness, consciously creating every piece of your life.

The Nugget Bundle is intended for...

Anyone wishing to nurture and develop their ability to regulate and strengthen their own energy.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People.

People who want to actively disengage from caretaking.

Those who struggle with emotional reactivity.

Anyone wishing to evolve relationships and let go of old stories.

Those who are ready to strengthen their energetic boundaries and hold their own space.


The Nugget Bundle Includes:

Five protocols, five audio files, and five solutions to life’s most persistent and gnarliest problems are yours for life. Just $97.


$149.00 per Month for 2 months
  • Save $49 when you purchase the Nugget Bundle & Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-Care.


  • Just the Nugget Bundle, please!

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