Are you seeking business consulting support for launching or expanding your successful healing practice?

You’ve invested time and energy into learning and practicing your healing modalities. Now, you want to launch or grow your client practice, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Although practitioners are often focused on helping their clients, running a successful healing practice requires a parallel focus on investing in smart, strategic practices to thrive in your business.

1:1 Business Consulting

Working one-on-one with Jill Leigh, a sought-after healing practice owner and teacher, you will learn the tools and strategies needed to grow your business from within.

We’ll explore:

Your personal identity and how that influences your practice story

Defining and aligning with your intentions for your business: your offer, work life balance, income objectives, practice initiatives

Discovering how your business inspires and challenges you: What do you love to do? What do you avoid?

Your entrepreneurial drive and how it intersects with your softer side – the side that loves helping people grow

The level of energy you have available to create a thriving business, and how to increase your capacity to thrive in your practice

This consultative, personal approach to expanding your business acumen is comprehensive, interactive, and fun. You’ll gain the expert advice of an advanced practitioner and teacher who has spent 30+ years running a successful practice, and is ready to guide you through each step involved in building and evolving your business.

You’ll have ongoing support from Jill as you come up the curve on unfamiliar business practices and strategies, including market assessment, messaging, sales, ongoing marketing, administrative and tracking processes, and increasing your overall professionalism as a trusted, valued resource in your community.

Business Consulting begins by Creating or Expanding your Practice Strategy

We need to get very clear on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how you’re going to measure and achieve your success.

You may have a variety of modalities that you’ve studied and are prepared to offer, which is fantastic! And, it’s not enough to create a vibrant, vital practice where you are sought out by clients seeking healing, growth and evolution. You need to have a powerful strategy that is backed up with excellent messaging, that helps clients step in and say ‘yes’ to working with you. Bullets on a website home page do not convey are not strategic, nor do they convert to clients!

Smart Business Practices for Healing Practitioners

Meeting with Jill 1:1 twice a month, you will learn the ins and outs of smart, effective business practices for healing practitioners. The best practitioners work cases, they help their clients establish a body of work, a desired outcome, and they book their sessions with them with the eye on progressing toward that result. It’s not enough to offer client sessions, they don’t generate consistent revenue and client retention. The best practitioners learn to partner with their clients to support deep healing and evolution.

Some of the work we’ll focus on together:

Message Modalities

Creating the client attraction story behind your specific offerings, and discovering how you can help potential clients with your individual gifts

Determining Demographics

Creating personas to target your ideal client, identifying the most ideal networking and referral resources, and creating opportunities for speaking, writing, and community outreach

Marketing Tools

Promoting your services and products with the goal of filling your client roster, creating appropriate lead magnet resources for building your email list

Sales and Services

Identifying the role of sales in your practice and learning how to sell your services authentically – there is always a sales component to running a successful practice, and it need not be pushy or sleazy!

Pricing and Unique Value

Determining your unique fee structure, and uncovering and shedding any discomfort around pricing and your value proposition

Managing the Details

Learning how to keep administrative duties to a minimum, protecting your personal assets, and keeping your practice thriving

How does the work unfold?

You can choose between a 3-month and a 6-month initial engagement. You’ll pay a monthly retainer, have a set meeting time with Jill, and assignments to complete to continuously up-level your offer and generate results that match your goals.

Both the 3-month and 6-month options include two 1-hour meetings a month where we’ll dig into your business, from a top-down perspective. We’ll start with defining your business strategy, and then move into process and implementation of key initiatives to achieve the results you’re targeting. You’ll likely have a solid strategy and perhaps achieve one or two strategic initiatives in the 3-month consulting contract, and be well underway with multiple initiatives in a 6-month contract. Both contracts are renewable upon expiration.

Jill limits consulting clients to a maximum of 6 at a time. There may be a wait to sign on as a consulting client.

Are you ready to create the thriving practice you desire?