Energized Income

How to minimize burnout and increase client impact

Are you seeking the next step in your evolution as a practitioner?

Are you ready to:

  • Improve your ability to be fully present and compassionate without merging with your clients energies?
  • Align with their healing process and hold sacred, neutral space?
  • Increase your impact on your clients evolution by staying out of their field, process and experience?
  • Avoid burning out from toxic merging?

Being truly present and compassionate with your clients without merging and feeling drained by empathic sensitivity is a strategic approach that elevates your practice.

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Read more about burnout and how energy hygiene can help!

Introducing energy hygiene – without the “woo”

EHI offers essential energy hygiene skills you can apply to grow your impact and income while increasing your clarity, presence and client connection. Show up in full, boundaried presence without merging or landing in ‘all the feels’. Energy hygiene is a foundational pillar in EHI’s practitioner programs.

This $45 course shares information and practices for:

Astral Chakra Regulation

setting a key chakras in your emotional (Astral) energy body for self-containment and to diminish empathic flooding

Etheric Chakra Regulation

setting a key Etheric chakra that plays a significant role in your ability to be present, to shed held energy, and maintain appropriate energy hygiene

Creating Containment

how to contain your energy and maintain appropriate separation while ensuring presence and engagement with your clients

Accessing Compassion

in lieu of empathic flooding and merging, holding space and generating full presence and neutrality

Who should take the live, online Energized Income Course?

Practitioners who want to:

  • avoid feeling drained or amped up by their clients energy and stories
  • diminish empathic merging
  • apply a grounded, hygienic approach with clients
  • bring neutrality and full presence to their client sessions
  • explore energy hygiene and energy healing
  • avoid burnout and need simple self-care practices

If you’re not yet a practitioner and are contemplating EHI’s Practitioner Programs, this is a great place to invest in a taste of the caliber of the content and expertise of the material.

The Energized Income Course Includes:

A Live, One Hour Call

with Jill Leigh, to define and describe the protocols and practices used to regulate your chakras, create containment and engage compassion to diminish empathic merging

A Guided Meditation

to practice and develop your skills in establishing appropriate energy hygiene

Supporting Documentation

downloadable PDFs and an MP3 to cement your understanding of the energy hygiene skills and practices

Ready for Energy Hygiene & Energized Income?

Evolve your client practice here!

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Fee: $45US


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