Energy healing is mainstream medicine! There is no doubt that you’ll find energy healing opportunities in hospitals, clinics, integrative and alternative healing practices. Much is being made of the generative energy that informs the body, mind and emotions. If you want to study energy healing, applied experience coupled with a certification-based practicum is essential. Your work needs to be seen, supervised and vetted for you to walk confidently into the ongoing work of achieving mastery. Even EHI’s rigorous energy healing certification process won’t convey mastery! Rather, it conveys successful completion of required program elements, comprehensive review of all assignments, feedback on the structured learning and subsequent integration of the program materials. It in no way conveys mastery, no matter what those ubiquitous weekend attunement workshops promise!

EHI’s Energy Healing Certification

There are 3 practitioner programs at the Energy Healing Institute. The majority of practitioners attend and certify in both the Astral and Etheric programs. Each program is comprehensive and includes in-depth practice with hands-on and remote clients as part of the certification process. You can review the comprehensive certification requirements for each of the energy healing programs below.

Energy Healing Certification — Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why

The program begins with deep immersion in the emotional body – it’s the heart of the why – the Astral chakras and aura hold and metabolize the energies that lift you up…and bog you down, in patterns, behaviors, themes and beliefs that inhibit authentic and joyful living. People don’t call on energy healers for support because they feel amazing,


  • Write-ups of two personal issues that the practitioner is working to evolve, resolve and heal using the self-care practices that are foundational to supporting clients in their healing process – self-care is at heart of energy healing, and it begins with the practitioner modeling for their clients.
  • Reflections and perceptions on the integration and application of the self-care skills
  • Reflections and perceptions on the application of the energy hygiene skills used in every client session for clean, appropriate energetic boundaries
  • Reflections and perceptions on the initial practice and application of the hands-on clearing in the chakras and the hands-off clearing in the aura


  • Development of two treatment strategies based on the case approach for two practice clients – includes case overview, treatment plan, the skills taught to the client, and a framing intention for the work together
  • MP3 audio recording teaching self-care skills to client, demonstrating competency at defining why the skill is important to the client’s desired evolution, how the skill is applied, and guiding the client through the meditation to begin using the skill
  • 60 hours of documented in-person client hours, six clients, 10 sessions/client
  • Video recording of a client session, including intake, tablework, teaching skills
  • 15 hours of documented remote session client hours, three clients, 5 sessions each

Energy Healing Certification  Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing

Building on the foundational framework and skills that you’ve acquired in the Astral body, attention turns toward the energy system (Etheric) for the physical body, and how you can support your clients with integrated sessions that support emotional and physical healing. You’ll learn and apply a more advanced level of energy hygiene, suitable for working with physical conditions. You’ll then learn all of the clearing skills and protocols for supporting healing in the physical body. Acknowledging what has been achieved in the Astral program, you move directly into the practicum when you begin your practice client work


  • Two treatment strategies for integrated cases, i.e., physical and emotional client issues – includes case overview, treatment plan, skills taught, and framing intention for the work together
  • 24 hours of documented, in-person client hours, 4 clients, 6 sessions each
  • Video recording of an integrated Astral and Etheric session, including intake, tablework and teaching skills if appropriate
  • Video recording of an Etheric Chelation
  • 6 hours of documented remote session client hours, 2 clients, 3 hours each

As with the Astral your practicum is reviewed and substantive feedback is offered in writing, followed by a 1:1 meeting to discuss the feedback provided.

Energy Healing Certification  Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause

When your clients are faced with a serious, life changing illness, they often want to get to the heart of the issue. They’re not looking for the quasi-New Age – everything happens for a reason nonsense. They want real answers. What are they holding, is it in their emotional body, their lineage & ancestry, past and future lives? How can they heal at the deepest, most profound levels? With these questions in mind, you can engage with their energy to get to the root cause of what is occurring in their body. And then, you can support their healing at all levels.


  • Clairvoyant perceptions of 7 glands and 14 organs viewed in the Akashic Record Blueprints
  • Akashic Blueprint assessment of a physical issue you’d like to address, for which you have a diagnosis or that has chronic implications
  • Etheric assessment of the physical factors that have impinged on your vitality and wellness
  • Astral assessment of the emotional factors contributing to your physical condition
  • Mental assessment of the cellular and system level functioning of your physical condition
  • Causal assessment of the belief systems and karmic load you’re carrying that impact your physical condition
  • Past and future life implications that inform your physical condition
  • Ancestral and lineage imprints as well as familial archetypes that align with your physical condition
  • Completion of an Energetic Assessment Report with treatment strategy for review and feedback


The practicum includes all of the components included in the assignment correlated to a practice client with a diagnosed issue with acute or chronic implications. Thus, you’ll conduct a complete Energetic Assessment, develop a report that is submitted to EHI prior to sharing with the client. The Assessment will include:

  • Clairvoyant perception of the client’s diagnosed issue as viewed in the Akashic Record Blueprints
  • Etheric – physical factors
  • Astral – emotional factors
  • Mental – cellular and systemic factors
  • Causal – belief systems and karmic load contributors
  • Past and future life influences
  • Ancestral and lineage conditioning
  • Archetypal imprints
  • Energetic Assessment Report – including all of the information in presentation format, treatment strategy, skills portfolio for client self-work, referral recommendations (as appropriate). The report is submitted for review and feedback, following a 1:1 meeting, the report is edited, resubmitted, and then assuming approval, delivered to the practice client.

You’ll get all the feedback you need and more with the Energy Healing Certification process that accompanies each EHI practitioner program. We love this work, we believe in helping you thrive as a practitioner by receiving guidance and support throughout the program knowing that when you’ve completed the work, you’ve attained a level of competency and understanding that will help you achieve mastery over time.