Evolving the Etheric Body

Supporting Physical Healing

Learn to Clear Energy in the Etheric Body

The Etheric/physical body drives health and well-being

Experience level: Practitioners who have completed Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why practitioner program

Perfect for: Those interested in supporting physical wellness and looking to deepen the mind-body connection

Prerequisites: Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why

Tuition: Six payments of $635

Class length: 50+ hours online curriculum and 30+ hours of practice client experience

Evergreen: Always online, always available, with regular office hours for Q&A and interaction with Jill Leigh and EHI Practitioner-Instructors

Connection & Collaboration Calls: Jill is online, once a week initially, to connect and share with the cohort of students. The cohort learns from each other's experience, brings questions that Jill and your peers will answer, and best of all - once you're in the program, these Connection & Collaboration Calls do not expire when you complete the program! You can come back with a question, a story, an insight or a bright shiny experience to share with the assembled cohort.  (In addition to your program learning and practice, you could have 50+ hours each year of deepened learning time with Jill and your peer cohort.)


Energy healing practitioners support physical and emotional evolution

What the body holds and carries, may or may not be physical! It is possible that your physical body is holding and laboring with emotional energy that has been suppressed/repressed into the Etheric energy system, that eventually can contribute to (or create), an illness, syndrome or disease.

Have you or one of your clients ever had a doctor run the gamut of tests only to be told there's nothing wrong? Yet somehow, physical symptoms, pain and discomfort exist?

Have you or one of your clients had a medical treatment or procedure that 'should' have addressed a physical issue, yet it continues to exist and cause problems post-procedure?

Have you identified the correlation between certain emotions and physical symptoms? For example, anxiety and digestive issues often go hand in hand. Several naturopaths have told me that they observe hypothyroidism as a physical manifestation of grief.

The physical body and the emotions are tightly integrated, and sometimes the body is the 'tail wagging the dog'. In other words, the disease or malaise has its roots elsewhere, but over time, the physical body winds up holding the bag.

Learning to work with Etheric energy is an appropriate next step for those who are now well-versed in the energy of the Astral body. Especially when congruence exists between the Astral and Etheric energy systems and their energetic properties.

Energy Healing and the Etheric/physical body

Practitioners are often eager to work with supporting physical healing. And that's totally understandable. What's important to realize is the complexity of the human body is mirrored by the complexity of the Etheric energy system.

Unlike the Astral energy body, the Etheric body has thousands of chakras that deliver energy to and shed energy from the glands, organs, joints, muscles, tendons, and that keep the body's processes harmonious. The Etheric energy system is in communication with the body as a whole, in the same way that the brain and nervous system are in communication with the entire organism. When a change is made in the Etheric body, the entire energy system must integrate and 'receive' that shift or change.

Additionally, the Etheric energy system or body has a very dense, compact aura, that extends about one inch off the surface of the body. Contrasting the Etheric aura, surrounding the body, extending one inch off the surface, with the Astral aura, surrounding the body as well and extending nearly 3-4' off of the body speaks to the dense, compact, tightly integrated nature of the Etheric field and the expansive, evolutionary capacity of the emotional field.

EHI practitioners quickly learn that when working with clients with physical issues, the principle of less is more is well applied in the Etheric body. It's not unusual for an energy healing session to support healing of a physical issue is conducted with a 70/30 ratio of clearing and infusing. Seventy percent of the time the work is taking place in the Astral body, and 30% of the time in the Etheric body. Does this help you see why EHI places such an important emphasis on learning the Astral body first? [You must complete Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why to be eligible for this Etheric practitioner program. There are no exceptions to this policy.]

Nothing happens physically that doesn't first happen energetically

Energy is causative. If energy flows freely, in alignment and coherence with the physical body and its needs, the body would be whole, well, healthy, vibrant and clear.

Yet there's so many factors that contribute to wellness. Our thoughts and beliefs, our nutritional choices, our level of hydration, the toxins in our home and community environment. What do all of these factors have in common? Energy. Energy precedes physicality, it generates form.

Our relationship to our body is also profoundly impacted by our emotions. The spectrum of emotions exist to offer context, meaning and validity to experience.

If your car is sideswiped by a hit and run driver, is it reasonable to think that you'll feel angry and violated? Of course it is!

If you're stuck in traffic and going to be late for an important meeting that you've looked forward to attending, is it appropriate to feel anxious? Absolutely! Anxiety is a perfectly normal response.

Yet, you may have emotions that make you feel uncomfortable, or that you were told are unacceptable. For example, some girls are discouraged from accessing and expressing anger, as it is not perceived as a feminine emotion. Boys are sometimes discouraged from feeling and allowing sadness or grief, as the emotions are not considered masculine. Yet, the emotions exist and are experienced. When these emotions begin to rise, but are suppressed or repressed, they are condensed and migrate from the Astral body where they belong, into the energy system of the physical body, where they inhibit flow.

Flow is essential for vitality and well-being. When flow is inhibited or blocked, dysregulation occurs. With thousands of chakras and nadis delivering energy to the physical body, a disruption in flow effect functioning. Over time, illness, disharmony, symptoms, disease can occur.

Supporting Physical Healing

An integrated energy healing session that incorporates both Astral and Etheric clearing facilitates evolution in both emotional and physical well-being. The work is generally iterative, it's not about delivering a magic bullet or 'one and done' experience. Rather an integrated energy healing session validates the client's current state of being, while making space for evolution, conscious awareness and physical and emotional healing.

Practitioners may also have other modalities that they have deeply studied and offer to their clients. Energy healing is a beautiful modality to integrate into a suite of services. It need not stand wholly on its own (though it can easily and effectively do so).

Many of EHI's practitioners have discovered the importance of a process for evolving energy as an essential aspect of their practice offering.

Bodyworkers speak of:

  • applying energy clearing practices when a client has an emotional release
  • using energy clearing as a precursor to working on resolving a physical injury, as a means of priming the pump for physical release

Medical & clinical practitioners understand:

  • what presents as a physical issue that cannot be explained or treated medically has energetic and emotional roots that need exploration for the issue and its symptoms to resolve

Therapists recognize:

  • the mind-body connection shows itself repeatedly with emotional issues that correlate to physical ones

Modalities that treat the physical body may not offer mechanisms for managing and supporting emotional release

For many years, I have taught and supervised practitioners who have spoken about their concerns about their modalities not offering context and tools for managing emotional and/or physical release.

As these practitioners learn to work with the Astral and Etheric body, and explore broader intake processes to learn more about the client's mind-body awareness, their appreciation of the role of energy healing grows exponentially. It doesn't simply offer another tool in the toolkit, it magnifies the potential for healing and evolution.

Practitioner Program Overview:

Through video-based learning, didactic understanding and experiential practice, EHI integrates effective adult learning models and methods to support learning. The program rolls out over time, in a sequential manner, from an overview of the highly complex Etheric energy body, the chakras and aura, expands your energy hygiene to incorporate working with physical issues. Once these resources are in place practitioners learn to facilitate integrated energy healing sessions:

  • expanded case intake to learn about client's issues, be they emotional/behavioral/relational, physical, or both
  • Etheric energy clearing treatment tools for:
    • clearing and infusing the chakras and aura
    • supporting the nadis and health rays
    • releasing repressed emotional energy that inhibits flow
    • deep energetic detox protocols
    • decreasing pain and inflammation
    • maintaining detailed session notes

As with the Astral practitioner program, you'll have access to extensive downloadable resources, including:

  • energy hygiene skill illustrations
  • illustrations of hands-on and hands-off clearing practices
  • mp3s of guided meditations
  • templates for case intake and note taking
  • tying treatment strategies to the client case.

Integrating Astral and Etheric clearing, infusing and protocols for your clients offers a comprehensive approach to shifting core patterns, behaviors, issues and support physical healing.

This is a program. Practitioners are expected to complete the assignments, including work with practice clients, to ensure integration of the material and successful work as an energy healing practitioner. The practitioner program pauses at key junctures to enable you to complete work assignments and upload them to the program for review and feedback by EHI Practitioner-Instructors and Jill Leigh.

Practitioner Program Specifics:

Deep grounding in the Etheric body, the chakras, aura and nadis.

Building on the exploration of the Astral body, as understood through the Western chakra perspective, you'll begin to unpack your awareness and appreciation of the Etheric energy system, and its inherent elegance and complexity.

Expanding your energy hygiene to manage Etheric energy and its qualitative properties.

You're already aware that you can take on (become infected) with someone else's emotional energy, especially emotional energy that matches your own emotional patterns and behaviors. Etheric energy is qualitative. If you're supporting a client in a healing process for symptoms of a medically diagnosed disease or illness, there is low quality Etheric energy that is being accessed and released to effect relief and evolution. An additional suite of energy hygiene skills ensures that you do not commingle with your client's Etheric energy. Both you and your client's sovereignty is acknowledged and validated when energy hygiene is utilized in your sessions.

Important aspects and considerations for supporting physical healing and affirm your commitment to the EHI Guidelines for Intentional Practice.

Depending on your other certifications and modalities, clarity around your scope of practice from an ethical and legal standpoint are suggested.

EHI follows standards of practice that ensures an appropriate role as an adjunctive member of a therapeutic or clinical team. In addition, encouragement to research the laws regulating practice and comply with business registration requirements in your state or country. EHI cannot take responsibility for this on your behalf.

Learning hands-on and hands-off clearing skills, practices, tools and protocols and applying them in sessions with practice clients.

This program has a heavily experiential focus, thus you'll work on practice clients (60 hours required), and submit session work throughout the program for Instructor review and feedback.

You'll learn and practice:

    • An expanded session opening for integrated sessions
    • Etheric chakra clearing skills, working with practice clients in your community
    • Etheric aura clearing skills, working with practice clients in your community
    • Clearing somatized emotional energy
    • Enhancing energy delivery in the nadis and health rays
    • Etheric detox
    • Facilitating Astral & Etheric Case Intake processes

Developing treatment strategies

The content is dripped so that you have time between lessons to engage practice clients and facilitate sessions. They'll experience the work with you as it unfolds.

Case intake & note taking essentials ensure compliance, staying on track with your case, and evaluating case progression.

You'll receive an expanded template for developing an integrated, Astral & Etheric case intake, as well as a note taking template that monitors both Astral & Etheric clearing skills and protocols.

Contextualizing the Etheric & Astral Planes within the Seven Planes of Consciousness

EHI practitioners often tell me years after they've completed their training that beginning to explore the Seven Planes of Consciousness, of which the Etheric & Astral planes are a part, has expanded their spiritual understanding and awareness, and generated absolute awe of the vastness of human potential. A module that articulates the Seven Planes contextualizes the chakras and aura as tools to evolution.

Feedback on in-person and remote client sessions through the Practicum requirements

You'll conduct a total of 30 hours of in-person and remote sessions on practice clients in preparation for your Practicum. As with the Astral program, specific session input and insights will be submitted for review and feedback.


As you successfully complete the Etheric program elements, and have received your session review and feedback, you'll receive your Certificate of Achievement in Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing practitioner program. It's an incredible achievement that we'll celebrate with you!

Ongoing Connection & Collaboration Calls with Jill Leigh & EHI Practitioner Instructors

Jill and her team of Practitioner-Instructors attend regular, twice weekly Connection & Collaboration Calls for program attendees to join via Zoom. You're not alone in the program! You're not alone when you complete the program! There are other participants who are working through the material at their own pace, just like you. Share your questions, deepen your learning, interact with the cohort and Jill. As you work more deeply with the material and begin to see practice clients, Connection & Collaboration Calls become a powerful support to help you integrate the concepts you've learned and feel grounded in your understanding. They're not mandatory, but they're highly recommended. Attend a couple, we think you'll be hooked!

What you'll need to attend:

    • Laptop or tablet with built in or external video camera and microphone. Taking this program via smartphone is not recommended.
    • Recording software for MP3s - tutorial and software suggestions are included in the program
    • Reliable internet access
    • Video software for MP4s - tutorial and software suggestions are included in the program. These can be recorded via smartphone.
    • Pendulum
    • 4-6 practice clients who agree to work with you for between 5-6 session hours for in-person sessions and 3 hours of remote sessions for a total of 30 practice session hours.

What follows this program?

Beyond the Etheric body? Oh yes, there's more you can learn and practice at EHI. Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause is a rigorous practitioner program taught live, online by Jill Leigh. Once the Astral and Etheric programs are completed, you can step into the work of understanding the root cause of disease and illness. While some teachers might call this Medical Intuition, EHI sees that term as potentially misleading. After all, who is legally trained to diagnose disease or illness? Doctors.

There is no point in raising concerns about your role or putting yourself at risk by claiming a label that speaks to illegal activity. Energetic Assessment is a complex, in-depth approach to understanding what is generating an illness or disease in the body. Practitioners learn to work from a diagnosis to discover and help the client unravel the energies that generate and hold an illness in place. An Energetic Assessment also helps practitioners develop effective treatment strategies, and to support clients to contextualize the 'why' behind a diagnosis.


"Thank you, Jill. You are stimulating my curiosity. I find myself reaching for joy and playfulness in a way that I haven't for a long time. I'm inviting it in, accepting it as a possibility rather than pushing it away or delaying it. I release burden so I may grasp curiosity, playfulness and joy. You are doing good things in the world."

Nancy M., Dallas, TX