Evolving the Etheric Body

Supporting Physical Healing

Energy Healing is Powerful Medicine for Physical Healing and Symptom Relief

Have you or one of your clients ever:

Had a doctor run the gamut of tests, only to be told there’s nothing wrong, despite persistent symptoms, pain, and discomfort?

Undergone medical treatments or procedures intended to address a physical issue that continues to cause problems post-procedure?

Gotten curious about the correlation between certain emotions and physical symptoms, such as anxiety and digestion?

Sought in-depth knowledge, time to practice, and insightful feedback from a seasoned mentor and guide?

Yes, that’s me! 

Energy Healing and the Etheric (Physical) Body

Energy Healing Institute’s graduates quickly learn that when working with clients with physical ailments, the path to healing must include both the Astral (emotional) and the Etheric (physical) bodies.

The physical body and its emotions are tightly integrated, with disease or illness rooted in the Astral body. EHI takes a less-is-more approach to working with clients with physical issues: During an energy session, roughly 70% of the work takes place in the Astral body, while 30% occurs in the Etheric body.

An integrated energy healing session that incorporates both Astral and Etheric clearing facilitates evolution in both emotional and physical wellbeing.

Energy is causative.

If energy flows freely, in alignment and coherence with the physical body and its needs, the body is whole, well, healthy, vibrant, and clear.

So why is this state so difficult to achieve?

Our thoughts and beliefs, our nutritional choices, hydration, exposure to toxins, our community, and our environment all contribute to wellness. What’s the common factor? Energy.

When energy flow is inhibited or blocked, dysregulation occurs. The thousands of chakras, the aura and the nadis that deliver energy to the physical body that experience a disruption in flow affect the physical body’s functioning. Over time, illness, disharmony, symptoms, and disease can begin to occur.

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What does an energy practitioner do?

Working with clients who are dealing with a spectrum of challenges, themes, and patterns, advanced energy practitioners learn to work with the Astral Body in tandem with the Etheric body to identify and treat the root cause of physical, emotional, and energetic illness.

As a practitioner, learning to work with the Etheric body is more than a tool in the toolkit; it magnifies the potential for healing and evolution.

Who should enroll in the Evolving the Etheric Body Practitioner Program?

Graduates of EHI’s Evolving the Astral Body Practitioner Program (prerequisite, no exceptions)

Those ready to dig in, grow, let go, and become who you’re meant to be (even practitioners must evolve!)

Alternative healers looking to become grounded, informed, and prepared to professionally support their clients’ healing and evolution

Massage therapists, physical therapists, coaches, therapists, and medical clinicians who want to learn how to access the emotional body for growth and healing

Ready to evolve your energy practice?


What’s Next?

Oh yes, there’s always more to learn! Learn more about the next course in the Practitioner Program series, Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause.

"Thank you, Jill. You are stimulating my curiosity. I find myself reaching for joy and playfulness in a way that I haven't for a long time. I'm inviting it in, accepting it as a possibility rather than pushing it away or delaying it. I release burden so I may grasp curiosity, playfulness and joy. You are doing good things in the world."

Nancy M., Dallas, TX