An In-depth Approach to Determining the Cause of Diagnosed Illnesses, Diseases and Syndromes

When a client presents you with a diagnosed physical illness, asking you to support their healing, do you feel like you (and your client) could use deep insight into the multi-layered, perhaps legacy-laden energetic contribution to their situation?

Do you long for a deeper understanding of how the Etheric, Astral and Mental/Causal bodies intersect and inform health and wellness?

Can you imagine a framework that enables you to tie together the energetic framework that anchors an illness in the physical body so that you can help your clients heal?

Are you ready to dive into all the pieces of the Mind-Body-Spirit-Energy Connection?

The Big Picture in Service to Healing and Evolution

Energy Healing Institute’s graduates of Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why and Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing are well versed with working in the integrated energy bodies, and have an emerging understanding of the impacts of the emotional body on the physical, and vice versa.

When a client receives a serious diagnosis, many of them feel called to heal at all levels, and they seek broader context around why their body is resonating with illness, distress and disease. EHI Practitioners who certify in Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause are poised to go to this level of intimate connection to help their clients actively embrace all of the aspects of healing and evolution.

Complex Cases Benefit from Root Cause Assessment

There is always an energetic root cause to a person’s illness. Whether the issue is physical, spiritual, or emotional, the root cause can be uncovered through perceiving and dialoguing the imprinted information in the client’s energetic field.

When a client comes to you with a diagnosed illness, disease or syndrome, an Energetic Assessment can help your client understand the underlying factors that contribute to their physical illness, and offers you broader knowledge to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, and perhaps appropriate referrals, to support the client’s healing. Additionally, specific skills and practices can then be offered to the client to address and resolve stuck patterns, blockages, and beliefs that inhibit wellness and wholeness.

EHI’s Energetic Assessment program is a comprehensive, nine-month commitment for advanced practitioners. At the end of the program, you will have developed your ability to assess the deeper energetic causes of malaise, and determine an appropriate strategy for treatment. You can offer your clients a more holistic assessment of their medical diagnosis to create awareness of the intricate connection between spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic functions—and how physical issues can be the downstream recipient of longstanding themes, karmic, ancestral and lineage patterns and pre-incarnational choices. Your role as a practitioner is enhanced as you deeply support and empower your clients with context to take accountability for their self-care, cultivate healing, energetic shifts, and personal evolution.

What does an Energetic Assessment Include?

During the program you will learn and apply:

  • Akashic Blueprints for perceiving the client’s illness in relation to the Blueprint for the disease. This helps you validate healing progression, develop treatment approach, and go into the process with a solid understanding of the energetics of the client’s diagnosis.
  • Accessing the client’s Etheric and Astral energy systems to develop your understanding of the Mind-Body-Energy Connection, again informing treatment strategy, and providing context for the client on how patterns and behaviors in the Astral are contributing to the disease and/or inhibiting healing. The Etheric and Astral protocols are applied in sessions, along with additional protocols you’ll learn in the program.
  • Strategies for accessing and integrating information in the Mental subplanes of the Mental/Causal plane to support the body’s ability to resonate with greater vitality and wellness.
  • Assessing belief systems and Karmic Load held in the Causal subplanes of the Mental/Causal, to help the client evolve them.
  • Perceiving Archetypes in the family system that consciously and unconsciously establish limiting roles and beliefs in the client’s awareness and lived experience
  • Perceiving the epigenetic and familial patterns that resonate in the lineage and supporting the client’s freedom from these limitations
  • Evaluating past and future life information that is correlated to the client’s situation in the here and now (not stories, patterns!), so that they can be resolved

Who should enroll in the Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause Program?

Graduates of EHI’s Evolving the Astral Body, Evolving the Etheric Body practitioner programs & Clairvoyance course (prerequisites)

Those ready to commit to this deeper, comprehensive approach to understanding energy, the Mind-Body-Spirit-Energy Connection and facilitating healing at the deepest levels

Practitioners who are ready to assess the role of consciousness as the conduit for experience

Practitioners who want to extend their practice offerings by providing Energetic Assessments to their clients

Do I join a Cohort? When do I start my learning?

This is a live, online learning experience, taught by Jill Leigh. Cohorts are purposefully small, and the work is intensive and requires focus, time management and discipline. Certification is required.

The Cohort will meet every two weeks for 1.5 hours. Eight mandatory 1:1 meetings to review assignments are also scheduled during the 9-month program.

Practitioner Program Overview

Experience level: Experienced Practitioners ready to explore consciousness and manifest reality through a variety of complex lenses and energetic constructs

Prerequisites: Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why, Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing, Clairvoyance

Class length: 9 months, 22 live, online 90-minute classes, Eight 1:1 meetings to review assignments and assess progress with the material, Comprehensive practicum, including two Energetic Assessments

Cohort Collaborations: Practitioners in the program are encouraged to meet together as a group to work on assignments, share experiences and deepen their learning.

Downloadable resources:

  • guided explorations
  • treatment tools and protocols
  • hands-on and hands-off clearing illustrations
  • templates for developing Energetic Assessment Client Deliverables
  • other materials as appropriate

Practitioner Program Specifics

Akashic Blueprints

Using the Clairvoyance System, you’ll access a specific area of the Akashic Records, to understand the Blueprints for the body and disease. You’ll use the blueprints to gain insight into the energetics of the client’s diagnosis, and for context on the client’s overall state of being in relation to their diagnosis.

Deeper assessment of the Etheric and Astral planes

Framing the Astral impacts, assessing the Etheric vitality to formulate a treatment plan, the skills palette you’ll offer the client for their own inner work, and to more deeply comprehend the way the Astral and Etheric bodies influence health and vitality.

Facilitating physical healing and spiritual evolution in the Mental/Causal plane

You’ll learn to access specific subplanes in the Mental to support the body’s alignment and integration with healthy functioning. Interestingly, the Causal subplanes offer possibilities to evolve Karmic Load and evolve conscious and unconscious belief systems.

Evaluating and shifting legacy imprints in the ancestral lineage and evolving Archetypes that inform the family system

Uncovering ancestral and lineage imprints that influence physical and emotional experience, inform belief systems and foster unconscious connection to stories, archetypes and cultural and familial roots that carry through family systems consciously and unconsciously.

Identifying and releasing patterns, beliefs, energies from Past and Future Lives that are impinging the clients’ experience in current time

Without emphasizing story, gathering information about patterns and beliefs and other energetic constructs that are bleeding into current time experience and then ensuring sovereignty

At EHI, it always begins with you

You’ll spend the majority of the nine months in your first practicum, and Energetic Assessment conducted on something in your body that impacts overall health and wellbeing. As the material unfolds, you’ll conduct the next aspect of the Assessment, layering in what has come before to begin to develop a broader understanding of the illness, disease, syndrome’s root cause.

Learning protocols to support client healing

This program is experiential and rich with feedback to support your learning. You’ll submit assignments regularly and meet 1:1 with Jill to review assignments and progress with the material.


As you successfully complete the Energetic Assessment program elements, you’ll receive your Certificate of Achievement. This is a huge milestone, and we’ll be honored to deliver your certification!

I found Energy Healing Institute and started learning through the free course and blog posts. What I learned in the Astral practitioner program gave me the knowledge, confidence and courage to begin my work as an energy practitioner. Jill’s knowledge, her passion for bringing practitioners into a realm of excellence in practice means the world to me. Since finding EHI, I have taken a lot of courses with Jill and know that she has an exorbitant amount of patience for student questions, as well as an incredible amount of knowledge about people, patterns and client practice that she is more than willing to share. If you’re serious, ready and want to stand out in your community as a practitioner that people trust and grow with, this could be your energy healing home!
Kerry Lynne, Kirkland, WA

Learning and Program Progression Calls

We will meet every two weeks to learn new content and to review your progression with the materials. You’ll make regular presentations of assignments so that you can deepen your understanding of the material, and to ensure you’re progressing on schedule with the work.

All calls are recorded and made available for the occasions where you might not be able to attend.

All calls are scheduled for Wednesday, 12 noon Eastern, 9am Pacific, 5pm Western European Time

  • March 6 – Cohort Launch & Akashic Blueprints – Diseases, Illness, Syndromes
  • March 20 – Blueprint Progression
  • April 3 – Etheric & Astral Perceptions – Quality, Patterns, Behaviors, Themes
  • April 17 – Etheric & Astral Presentations
  • May 1 – Mental Subplane Perceptions – Cells & Processes
  • May 15 – Mental Subplane Presentations
  • May 29 – Causal Subplane – Spiritual Insights, Karmic Load, Belief Systems
  • June 12 – Causal Subplane Presentations
  • June 26 – Lineage & Archetypes – What rolls ‘downhill’
  • July 10 – Lineage & Archetype Presentations
  • July 24 – Past & Future Lives – Patterns & Imprints
  • August 7- Past & Future Lives Presentations
  • August 21 – Developing an Energetic Assessment Deliverable
  • September 4 – Delivering an Energetic Assessment Deliverable
  • September 15 – PRACTICUM – Energetic Assessment Deliverable Due
  • September 18 – Presentations – 2 Potential Client Cases for Conducting an Energetic Assessment
  • October 2 – Presentations – Akashic Blueprint – Client Cases
  • October 16 – Presentations – Etheric & Astral Perceptions – Client Cases
  • October 30 – Presentations -Mental Subplane Perceptions – Client Cases
  • November 13 – Presentations – Causal Subplane Perceptions – Client Cases
  • November 27 – Presentations – Archetype & Lineage Perceptions – Client Cases
  • December 11 – Presentations – Past & Future Live Imprints – Client Cases
  • December 31 PRACTICUM – Energetic Assessment Deliverable Due to EHI
  • January 7 – PRACTICUM – Client Deliverable & Presentation Completed
  • January 8 – Final Call

Payment Options

Choose what is most appropriate for you

Whatever you choose, you are required to pay the tuition in full to remain in good standing with and have access to the program, materials and Cohort calls. 

  • Payment in full – $7500
  • Six monthly installments – $1350

Cancellation Policy

This is EHI’s Cancellation policy. As you register, you’ll be agreeing to these terms. 

Termination of Enrollment.
After you become enrolled in the Program, you may immediately terminate your enrollment in the Program for your convenience at any time by notifying us (according to the “Notices” section of this Agreement) that you are terminating your enrollment in the Program for your convenience (such notice, your “Termination Notice”). If you breach these Terms, the requirements of the Program, the ToS, or our Privacy Policy, we may immediately terminate your enrollment in the Program by notifying you (according to the “Notices” section of this Agreement) that we are terminating your enrollment in the Program for your breach.

Even if your enrollment in the Program terminated prior to your completion of the Program, you will owe us the full amount of the Program Price. This means that we will continue to bill you on your Payment Plan for unpaid amounts of the Program Price, if applicable and subject to the terms immediately below.

Partial Refunds or Cessation of Payments on Payment Plan. If we receive a Termination Notice from you, you may be entitled to: 

  • If we receive your Termination Notice between the first (1st) and the 30th day (30th) following the start of the Program, we will cancel your tuition payment plan with no further payments required and remove you from the Program. If tuition was paid in full, you will receive a refund of your tuition, minus the amount of one monthly installment at the fee structure in effect at the time.
  • We will not owe you any refund and there will be no cessation of payments on your Payment Plan if we: (i) receive your Termination Notice on or after the thirty-first (31st) day following the start of the Program or (ii) terminate your enrollment in the Program because you breached these Terms, the requirements of the Program, the ToS, or our Privacy Policy.

We will promptly process any refund you are owed. Any refund we issue to you will be credited back to the same payment method used to make the original purchase. 

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