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America Votes

Your vote is a manifestation of your vibration and intention. Vote consciously.

Immunity Thinking in the Age of Corona

I began thinking about infected vs. immunity thinking last fall, within the context of our political environment, where hatred, divisiveness, rage and anger prevail. What is the antidote? Immunity thinking, and its qualities of unity, compassion, trust, clarity and inclusiveness.

Carrying Other People’s Emotional Energy is a Drag

If you carry other people’s emotional baggage, you are holding energy that doesn’t belong to you. It’s something we all do, and can learn to minimize and clear.

Why Energy Boundaries Support You

It’s easy to merge emotional energy with others who vibrate within our range. If you and I merge, I’m a little less Me, and you’re a little less You. Energy boundaries maintain individuated awareness and prevent merging. Boundaries are beautiful!

Scenes from The Path of an Energy Healer

This fall’s Path of an Energy Healer practitioner program cohort impressed me with their diligence, questions and insights, and their willingness to go deep and explore their vulnerability and wounds with the intention to heal and resolve them.

The White Light Caper

When you send white light to other people, you’re not necessarily doing the right thing. The same is true when you use it with yourself. Learn more about white light, and when and where it’s appropriate to use it. It’s great to be in the know!

Shifting Your Behaviors in Relationships

The common denominator in every relationship you have is you. Learn to shift how you show up, engage and interact in difficult relationships.

Yale University Department of Psychology & EHI invite your participation

Yale and Energy Healing Institute invite you to participate in a study. Do you hear voices, see things that others don’t or have other perceptual experiences beyond the ordinary?

Activism & Healing

As practitioners, you know that energy flows where attention goes. You know how to advocate, speak the truth and hold space for evolution. You can be an energetic model for change. If you’re already active in your community, advocating for change, evolution, right action, so much gratitude to you. If you are not currently active, the invitation is extended to you.

Thoughts on Guilt

Anyone who has spent any time with me knows that I am rabidly, insanely, over-the-top bonkers about eliminating guilt from the energy body and field.  

Why Reiki is Just the Beginning

Reiki is a reasonable start for exploring how energy informs health and wellness. For those who are ready to study energy healing deeply, move beyond Reiki. Taking the work up a few levels beyond Reiki is an important next step in becoming a practitioner who serves a wide spectrum of issues and people. 

Practitioners Advance with Beginner’s Mind

We just wrapped up 7 days of in-person training for EHI’s advanced practitioner program. Here are the themes that arose with this group.