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Feeling Disconnected and Isolated

A good question from a Reddit user: I recently received my Reiki level 2 attunment, and ever since I have been having very strange emotional side affects that I wanted to get your opinion on…


Conscious Channeling Course 2018

Being in control of who, how and when you channel.


What is Your Vibration?

Have you ever wondered about all of those memes you see on social media telling you that it’s important to raise your vibration? Ever wondered how exactly you do that?

Monkey Mind

Energy Healing Meditation for a Monkey Mind

Does your mind take you down a rabbit hole of worries and ‘what ifs’? Overthinking is a very real challenge! We’re told mindfulness should help, but when thoughts are racing, it feels impossible.


7 Reasons for Clearing Your Chakras & Aura

Nothing happens physically or emotionally that isn’t generated first energetically. Here are 7 reasons why you should clear your chakras and aura.


From Empathic to Clairvoyant: You’ll See the Difference!

I found this question on Reddit and think it gets to the heart of one of the major side effects of operating through clairsentience.

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The People I Admire

I was asked to list people I admire. There are so many people doing great things, it was hard to choose. But I did. I’m naming names. Some living, some deceased, some well known, some not, I’m honored to share these people with you.

Causal Body Mental

What is the Causal Body?

Your Mental / Causal energy body is amazingly detailed and includes karmic load, belief system, concrete intellect, higher mind as well cell function and body processes.

astral body

What is the Astral Body?

The astral body is the energy system for our emotional experience. In this article we discuss energy density, the 7 chakras of your astral body, your aura and somatization (aka what happens when you repress emotions).

etheric body

What is the Etheric Body?

When I talk about our human energy systems, I am starting with the Etheric body because it is the energy system for the physical body.

Energetic Cords Deplete Your Energy

Clearing Cords

When you’re connected to another person, their energy can energize or deplete you. Practice clearing cords to free up your own energy.

Mystical Healing Crisis

The Mystical Healing Crisis

A healing crisis is a deep call for evolution