Withdrawing from an EHI Practitioner Program

Please read the following information carefully. This content is also included in the Registration Terms & Conditions that you will be required to acknowledge prior to completing your Registration for any of EHI’s practitioner programs.

You may elect, for any reason to withdraw from an EHI Practitioner Program. You are a sovereign being, you can do that! However, be clear on what withdrawal entails, and how it impacts you financially.

Even if your enrollment in the Program terminates prior to your completion of the Program, you will owe us the full amount of the Program Price subject to the terms outlined below. Partial Refunds or Cessation of Payments on Payment Plan.
If we receive a Termination Notice from you, you may be entitled to: (i) a partial refund of the Program Price, or (ii) cease making payments on your Payment Plan.

  • You are paying the Program Price in installments.
  • If we receive your Termination Notice within the first thirty (30) days following the start of the Program (inclusive of the date on which the Program began), your initial payment is forfeit and no further funds are owed.
  • If we receive your Termination Notice between the thirty-first (31st) day and the sixtieth (60th) day following the start of the Program, then your payment plan will be cancelled following your second tuition payment.
  • We will not owe you any refund and there will be no cessation of payments on your Payment Plan if we (i) receive your Termination Notice on or after the sixty-first (61st) day following the start of the Program or (ii) terminate your enrollment in the Program because you breached these Terms, the requirements of the Program, the Terms of Service, or our Privacy Policy.

We will promptly process any refund you are owed. Any refund we issue to you will be credited back to the same payment method used to make the original purchase. Any refund we do issue to you will be reduced by any fees we incurred in processing your original payment and your refund.