My Boutique Private Practice

I have had a private practice in one form or another since 1992. I love working one-on-one with clients seeking evolution in their personal and professional lives. It’s fulfilling and rewarding to illuminate what may seem like a dark and scary inner place/space to one that is filled with grace, ease, light and flow.

It’s important to my work as a teacher and supervisor of practitioners studying energy healing at EHI to stay current in my practitioner role, yet I have limited availability with which to do so because of my teaching and supervision commitments. Thus, I have created a process for opening my practice to new clients who are clear about our specific roles.

Our roles

I am not the healer, you are. Your role is to do the work, to validate yourself and your ability to heal. You show up at our sessions and in your practicem actively ready to dive in to the work. I facilitate a process for achieving resolution, release, letting go – of healing and evolution, creation and manifestation. You’re welcome to ask for and receive my insights, tools and guidance as a guide and facilitator, to support your movement through and beyond the issues you’re looking to resolve and heal.

All sessions I offer are held remotely. I do not see private clients in person. I offer two types of remote sessions:

  • Zoom calls to work through specific issues, provide insights tools and resources; our initial session will always we via Zoom or telephone
  • Energy clearing sessions

Because of my limited availability for private practice work, I am selective about the clients I add to my practice. I manage the selection process with a Waiting List Application. If you’d like to be considered for admittance into my practice, please complete the application by clicking on the link below. You’ll be asked to share a brief summary of what you’re interested in evolving/resolving so that I have a sense of your case. If your case fits within my scope of practice, I’ll email you a link for booking your initial session, and with further information to review for preparation for our time working together.

Session Length:

1 hour