Jill Leigh


Are you seeking a deeper level of personal healing and transformation?

Jill takes on a limited number of private clients from anywhere in the world for one-on-one work. Through a combination of deep listening, identification of old patterns and blocks, and energy protocols that help to clear, release and evolve, clients can address and resolve their personal healing needs. The objective is to foster a deeper connection to self, and a more expansive relationship with the body, environment, and others.

Are Private Sessions right for you?

Working with Jill in a one-on-one setting is evolutionary. As an individual seeking to evolve your energy and awareness, you may be interested in learning how to be more present, or how to resolve patterns, behaviors and limiting beliefs that inhibit authentic self-expression. As an energy practitioner, you may have some skills you’d like to amplify. You may have some gifts that are not being used with clients—or are being used improperly.

If you’re interested in working one-on-one with Jill, here are some things to consider:

  • What is the life you wish to create?
  • What’s the difference between what you daydream about or imagine and the reality of your experience?
  • Where do you feel stuck or blocked?
  • What patterns do you continually repeat?
  • What habitual thought patterns cause you stress?
  • What emotions are unhelpful and born from habit?
  • What is limiting you? (Too sensitive, caring, emotional, conflict avoidant, depressed, anxious)
  • What baggage would you like to get rid of?

Energy practitioners may identify with one or more of these, and could benefit greatly from working with Jill:

  • Do you have clients that noticeably affect your energy; either draining it or amplifying it?
  • Do you want to increase the number of clients you draw in?
  • Are you attracting the right quality of clients?
  • Are you able to discern between your client’s energy and yours?
  • Are you able to clear the energy between you and a client?
  • Are you able to clear the energy in your healing space?
  • Do you know what energy hygiene is and how to practice it?
  • Do you receive energetic information, “downloads” and other intuitive hits while working on clients? Do you understand the mechanism for receiving energetic information? Do you sometimes avoid sharing the hits because you don't know where they come from?

What can you expect from a Private Session?

Jill will begin your session with a full intake of your current experiences, concerns and goals. She will observe your energy system clairvoyantly, identifying any unhealthy energetic patterns, blockages, self-sabotaging belief systems, and obstacles. These are the issues that prevent your ability to be present and aware, and to manifest via intention and understanding of self.

From her initial assessment, Jill will provide you with energetic practices and protocols, and with the skills and knowledge that support you to clear, release and evolve. Her role is to empower you with the tools for self-repair.

What is your role in the Private Session?

  • Be fully present; before, during and after the session
  • Be aware of the story you wish to change
  • Be committed to practicing and mastering the skills learned in the session
  • Be committed to evolving, growing and mastering your energy skills
  • Be aware that Jill is there as your guide and support system, not as your savior
  • Be aware that YOU are the healer of yourself; you allow the transformation

What is Jill’s role in the Private Session?

  • To be an active listener and hold space for your process, but to let you do the work
  • To remain unattached to your story in order to allow your forward momentum
  • To provide compassionate care through a sense of play, a deep honesty and direction that helps you connect fully to the process
  • To share clairvoyant perception and observe your energies, helping you understand how the blocks are holding you back
  • To provide helpful feedback that allows you to understand your inner energetic workings and how to evolve them
  • To provide resources, skills and resources that offer you continual evolution, help you find peer support and contribute to your self care
  • To provide guidance on your specific path of evolution
  • To act as an example of healthy boundaries, presence and energetic hygiene
  • To assist you with the clearing and release of blocked energies

What is your collaborative role with Jill?

  • To make a commitment to yourself and this work through completion
  • To create a “wish list” of desired learnings, including energetic hygiene skills, channeling, clairvoyance, and consciousness studies

You may not know exactly what you want to work on with Jill; that can be determined in your first session.

Important information for your Private Session

Session Length:

1 hour



Cancellation Policy:

All sessions are paid in advance. Refunds are issued for sessions cancelled more than 24 hours before the scheduled time. Cancellations received within 24 hours are non-refundable. 

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"I've worked with Jill in her private practice for several years and have used energy clearing skills and practices consistently to change my life. It's been an incredible experience to gather the tools and skills for my evolution. Jill is kind, caring, fun and knowledgeable."

Kathryn S., Raleigh, NC