Jill Leigh


Are you seeking self-evolution on a deeper level?

Jill has a boutique client practice that accepts new clients on a limited basis. You are welcome to apply to join her private practice if you feel compelled to:

  • do your inner work
  • evolve your relationship with your body, your emotions, core patterns, beliefs and behaviors
  • shift the dynamics with the people in your life
  • expand your conscious awareness

Alternative healing centers and integrative healing practices and entrepreneurial businesses seeking growth, clarity, cohesion and evolution, can consult with Jill to refine vision, grow their model, facilitate spiritual and meditative retreats. This is a core aspect of Jill’s business, so there is generally availability for this type of support.

“I’ve worked with Jill in her private practice for several years and have used energy clearing skills and practices consistently to change my life. It’s been an incredible experience to gather the tools and skills for my evolution. Jill is kind, caring, fun and knowledgeable.”

Kathryn S., Raleigh, NC