The Energy Healing Institute



The Energy Healing Institute is a school for practitioners and non-practitioners with a desire to dive deeply into learning about energy, consciousness, and healing.

Each course, practice group and one-on-one session invite your presence, embodiment and autonomy as an energy healer. The work in every class is designed to help you build the tools, practices, protocols and knowledge required to responsibly work with energy. You will come away with a deeper understanding of your chakras and aura, and how they support creation and manifestation.

Healing Begins with You

If the idea of expanding your consciousness and your understanding of how your energetic systems work is appealing, then EHI is a fantastic place to learn.

EHI’s founder, Jill Leigh, believes that self-awareness and autonomy are the keys to an effective and responsible energy healing education. Everything you learn in an EHI course must first be realized within yourself. After all, you can’t offer a client any form of energy healing if you are not first addressing your own energy and evolving your conscious awareness.

When you become fully aligned with your true beliefs, a sense of peace and presence arrives. Until you embark on the journey of conscious awareness, that alignment can prove difficult to sustain.

Befriending Your Energy Field

When EHI Participants learn to access, clear and understand their chakras and aura, they take up the reins of their evolutionary and healing journey. Autonomy and presence are the name of the game. Showing up, doing the work of being the individuated You that You Are, and operating through the lens of conscious awareness will propel you to being a stronger, safer and more effective energy healer. When you truly know how to work properly with your chakras and aura, you’ll have a new and evolved level of control over your personal and professional evolution.

Explore the Energy Healing Institute

If you’d like to get to know EHI better, why not start with our free course? When you’re ready to deepen your practice and expand your set of energy healing tools, you can explore the more in-depth courses, like the Clairvoyant Course or one of the EHI Practitioner Programs.

No matter which courses you are drawn to, you will surely benefit from the lessons learned. You’ll gain a stronger sense of self worth. You’ll learn how to create a life you love by creating and manifesting through conscious awareness. And, most importantly, you will amplify your evolutionary power and rid yourself of any illusory self-limitations.

Ready to get started on your path of awareness? Take a look at the available classes being offered by EHI. Questions? You can contact Jill to discuss them; she is happy to help!

"Miracles' happen when people are aligned with their beliefs."

Jill Leigh