The journey that molded Jill Leigh into the founder and director of Energy Healing Institute (EHI) began as a young child. Building on an inherent connection with nature and natural energy, Jill has overcome career and societal challenges to become a trusted expert in energy, clairvoyance, human behavior and planes of consciousness. And she shares that expertise through her teachings at EHI, the online school that caters to both practitioners and self-healers.

Because of her experience with negative reactions to her natural skills — and the subsequent damage to that connection — Jill is passionate about helping both practitioners and those interested in self-healing achieve energy regulation.

“I teach practitioners how to work with energy to heal themselves first, taking ownership of their spiritual evolution,” Jill says. “It’s only when we understand that spirituality and consciousness underlie everything- that it’s a truly actionable resource.”

Meet Jill Leigh

Jill holds a bachelor of science in education from Boston University and her background, anchored in adult learning theory, was heavily focused on facilitation and instructional design and development. She likes working with immersive, coherent learners and practitioners who see energy as a path to self-discovery and positive, lasting change.

In support of various communities, Jill serves as a member of the Spirit Alliance advisory committee that sponsors and supports elevation perception research—the COPE Project—being conducted by Yale Medical School’s Department of Psychology. She is also on the advisory board for an integrative healing center in Palm Springs, California, and served as a resource to a center in New York for exploration and elevation of human consciousness. She wrote a regular column on While living in the Boston vicinity, she served on the board of The Theosophy Society in Boston, now disbanded.

Jill, along with Sir Lobo, her beloved rescue dog from Cabo San Lucas, currently lives in Porto, Portugal, where she basks in beach walks, traveling and exploring Europe, the food and culture of Portugal, and ridiculously long meanderings around her new ‘HOME’ town.