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Meet Jill LeighJill is the founder and director of the Energy Healing Institute, an online school that caters to those seeking self-healing and evolution,  as well as new and seasoned integrative practitioners, who share an interest in energy healing as part of a holistic approach to self-care, conscious awareness and evolution.

Jill’s breadth of expertise with energy, clairvoyance, conscious channeling and the planes of consciousness deeply connect her to students seeking to broaden their perspective, evolve their awareness and integrate energy healing into their personal life and their client practices.

Her teaching style is grounded, organized, logical, hands-on and playful. Jill delivers her work with absolute integrity and the highest standards of teaching protocols. One of Jill's students recently told her, 'I love studying with you because you're so picky about the information you offer. There's nothing New Age-y or ungrounded. And your training materials are professional, concise and so well organized. That's a rare thing to find in spiritual teaching circles.'

As a teacher and practitioner, she enjoys dissolving limiting paradigms and shifting the beliefs and thought processes that block people from taking personal control of their healing and evolution. Jill empowers every student and client to be their own healer, and to see themselves as Who They Are — and to take ownership for what they are creating and manifesting.

Part of Jill's professional career included being formally trained in facilitation and instructional design and development. Thus, all of her curriculum is anchored in adult learning theory. Her programs and courses meet the needs of all learner types, auditory, visual and experiential. The materials are comprehensive and reinforce learning by building on previous lessons in each course.

In 2020, when the global pandemic derailed groups, gatherings and travel, Jill completed an overhaul of every course and program to be offered in fully online formats. Practitioners and the consciously curious can move through material from the comfort of home, largely at their own pace, while coming to live, online events for questions and answers, insights and to share experiences. The practitioner programs are evergreen, join the earning cohort whenever you're ready, and complete the in-depth program at a pace that matches your client practice demands, and your personal and work schedules. Online courses are scheduled throughout the year, launching as a cohort, with live call milestones to anchor the learning experience. Online courses remain available to participants for 6-months from launch date, so you have plenty of time to complete the course, and download the relevant materials.

Jill is a member of the Spirit Alliance, an advisory committee sponsoring and supporting Yale Medical School's Department of Psychology's COPE Project, research dedicated to advancing understanding of experiences of elevated perception - what EHI refers to as the clairsenses.

She also serves on the advisory board of a soon to emerge center for the study and elevation of conscious awareness in Westchester County, New York.

Jill writes for her readership, and also has a regular column on SpiritualityHealth.com. She developed an online course for their readers on evolving relationships and shifting longstanding patterns with energy practices to enhance their offerings.

Interested in studying with Jill? Take a look at her course offerings, or consider her practitioner programs.

Jill's Backstory

As a child, Jill’s energetic abilities showed up in the form of telepathic communication with certain wild animals. Her sense of connection to the natural world was in many ways deeper and more satisfying than her relationships with family and friends. She was able to enjoy this profound connection until the age of 11, when it finally shut down due to being labeled “a bad thing” by the adults around her.

Later in her adulthood, while working in the corporate world, Jill experienced a spontaneous reactivation of her abilities, encountering and communicating with spirits on her land. Ungrounded and unprepared for what she was experiencing, and in the throes of chronic fatigue and auto-immune issues, she made the decision to learn more about regulating her energy as a mechanism for healing her emotions and her body.

I was a young mother, in my early 30s, with a high-powered career.  I didn’t want to continue experiencing chronic fatigue and auto-immune issues. These symptoms are very common with people who are energetically porous, and therefore not able to contain and regulate energy.

As she straddled the corporate and spiritual worlds, Jill kept the two very separate from one another to avoid the risk of appearing “crazy.” Despite the two-world approach she was taking, her abilities still crept in, and allowed her to intuit what coworkers and clients were experiencing, helping them to feel seen and understood. When she chose to end her corporate life, Jill moved full-time into spiritual work.

When Jill isn’t teaching or working with clients, she enjoys writing, traveling, gardening, beekeeping, working out, cooking and being a foodie. She lives in Portland, Oregon with Lobo, her rescue dog from Cabo San Lucas.

Lobo can occasionally be seen on camera as he pads around Jill's home and office. Isn't he adorable?

Meet Jill & Lobo


"I do this work because I believe in the body’s innate ability to heal. I believe in the process that occurs when someone moves into inner alignment and energetic coherence."

Jill Leigh