Evolving the Astral Body

The Heart of the Why

An Integrated System for Evolving: Emotional and Spiritual Energy

Are you uncomfortable being called a “healer,” instead attracted to a professional, practitioner role?

Do you want to work with energy at the intersection of spirituality and science?

Are you seeking an integrated healing system, rather than weekend workshops offered by different “healers” or “masters”?

Are you seeking in-depth knowledge, time to practice, and insightful feedback from a seasoned mentor and guide?

Yes, that's me!

Integrated Energy Healing

Energy Healing Institute’s graduates know with certainty that energy is always in the room.

Practitioners who certify in our programs learn to integrate all the pieces of their energy healing into a cohesive, working system to help clients. Students leave with a clear understanding of what they do and how they do it.

The Emotional Body

If there’s no presenting cause, no sign of disease or illness, why are people sick? Treating the physical body without knowing the root cause of the issue may leave practitioners and clients frustrated or confused with their needs unmet.

The answers usually lie in the Astral (Emotional) body.

Perhaps the client has suppressed, stuck emotions that they find uncomfortable or can’t safely express; it’s possible that energy cannot flow freely through the Astral, or emotional, body.

Knowledge of the chakras and the aura offer you clues, insights, and resources for helping people shift, grow, evolve and heal.

When a client presents with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, phobias, difficult relationships, or blockages, their energy–what they’re holding in their chakras and aura–is at the heart of the why. There is a persisting story leading the client to frame their perceptions and beliefs about life and what’s possible.

What does an energy practitioner do?

Working with clients who are dealing with a spectrum of challenges, themes, and patterns, energy practitioners learn to work with the Astral Body, or emotional body, to identify and treat the root cause of emotional, spiritual and energetic issues.

As a practitioner, getting to the heart of the why is about identifying and releasing the energy of the issues and patterns embedded in the story.

Who should enroll in the Evolving the Astral Body Practitioner Program?

Graduates of EHI’s Present of Presence course (prerequisite)

Those ready to dig in, grow, let go, and become who you’re meant to be (even practitioners must evolve!)

Alternative healers looking to become grounded, informed, and prepared to professionally support their clients’ healing and evolution

Massage therapists, physical therapists, coaches, therapists, and medical clinicians who want to learn how to access the emotional body for growth and healing

Ready to evolve your energy practice?


Jill Leigh

Connect with EHI Director Jill Leigh

Meeting with practitioner candidates is a highlight of Jill’s day! If you’d like to speak with Jill before enrolling, please set up a time to connect on her calendar. She can’t wait to meet you!

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"I do this work because I believe in the body's innate ability to heal. I believe in the process that occurs when someone moves into inner alignment and energetic coherence."

Jill Leigh