Evolving the Astral Body

The Heart of the Why

Frustrated that your clients 'get the issues' but struggle to let go and fully heal?

This is the moment: help your clients move on and through with an energy healing system that invites healing & evolution


Is this you?

You're not comfortable being called a 'healer', you're attracted to a professional, practitioner role

You want to work with energy, but at the intersection of spirituality and science, not at the junction of unicorns and fairies!

You want a program, in-depth knowledge, time to practice, feedback and insight from a seasoned mentor and guide

You're serious about your work, your practice, your clients and their evolution - and you want to love showing up for both your business and your clients

You're ready to dig in, grow, let go and become Who You Are (because even practitioners have stuff to resolve!)

You want to feel grounded, informed and prepared to support your clients' healing and evolution

You're not attending weekend workshops by different 'healers or masters' to cobble together ungrounded practices to try, you want to learn an integrated energy healing system

You get that reading multiple books about chakras and the aura is like studying hammers at the hardware store. You read books about behavioral and relationship patterns so you can help people grow.

If you align with the majority of these statements, and are already working with clients in one or more of these modalities, we're off to a really good start!

    • Bodyworkers are rarely trained to adequately support an emotional release. When stimulated by bodywork, a client's energy may lift emotions out of a held place in the body, and emotional release is the result.
    • Therapists and coaches help people identify underlying thoughts, beliefs, emotions that keep them stuck, cycling through patterns. Without energy practices to help shift those thoughts, beliefs and emotions, the client's awareness may not be enough to resolve or dissolve the issue.
    • Medical clinicians may run test after test to identify or track down what is generating physical symptoms in a client's body, only to come up with no obvious cause. There's an energetic issue at play, and the medical team likely lacks the resources to help the patient heal.

These are EHI's sweet spot practitioners. They know that energy is always in the room, and they need to know how to integrate energy healing into a client practice that deeply supports their client's journey from struggle to joy.


The Heart of Your Why

Beginning with the Astral/emotional body, the chakras and aura give you clues, insights and resources for how to help people heal, even if their presenting issue is a physical disease or illness! Why? Because the physical body is often the tail wagging the dog.

Energy healing brings you and your clients into a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, the heart of the why!

People repress and suppress emotions that they find uncomfortable, or have been taught not to express. Those emotions build up in the emotional body and overflow into the energy system for the physical body. Sometimes an illness or issue has no basis or rationale for being present in the body. That drives doctors crazy, and is equally frustrating to patients. If there's no presenting cause, no sign of disease or illness, why are people sick? In these instances, the answers usually lie in the emotional body!

As you learn to work with the Astral body, you take the step of discerning and arriving at the heart of the why. If you can do that with yourself and your issues, you can do it with your clients as well.

What is held in the Astral body drives life's experiences!

I looked for a program like this for over a decade. Just wrapping up the Astral Body Practitioner Program, I feel prepared, supported, inspired and absolutely thrilled to begin my own practice! Over the past year I have learned such a wealth of information and am fully confident moving forward. With my practice hours completed, I'm now starting my practice off on the right foot. I'm truly looking forward to continuing my studies in the Etheric Program and fulfilling my dream of owning a thriving energy healing practice! Can't thank you enough Jill! xo
Atlas Zirconium, Philadelphia, PA

What does an energy practitioner do?

You'll work with clients who speak to these and other issues, themes and patterns:

    • Why am I so anxious?
    • Why am I so focused on being perfect?
    • Why are my relationships so challenging?
    • Why do I always put everyone else's needs and wants ahead of my own?
    • Why am I so sensitive?
    • Why can't I get on with my life?
    • Why do I always get stuck, unable to move forward?
    • Why can't I move past this breakup?
    • Why do I feel so badly about myself?

The word 'astral' means scintillating, which is what the emotional body would do if it wasn't bogged down with toxic energetic material that derail authentic behavior and experience!

Learning to work effectively with energy requires congruence and alignment. A patchwork quilt of techniques acquired here and there lacks coherence, and won't serve earnest, motivated clients to evolve beyond their story, beliefs, patterns or emotions. The chakras and aura are an energy system - they are tools that can be harnessed to help you and your clients live authentically.

Bottom line: If you want to help people shift, evolve, heal and grow, invest in a program that recognizes and facilitates cohesive growth and evolution, using the Astral energy system as a framework for shifting patterns, limitations, beliefs, and stuck or debilitating emotional reactivity.


Energy is present in every interaction & with every modality

When a client presents with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, phobias, difficult relationships, blockages, their energy, what they're holding in their chakras and aura is at the heart of the why. There is generally a story that leads the client to frame his or her perceptions and belief about what is possible. Stories are hard to let go of unless the wiring in the energy field is cleared and evolved so the client can let the story go and operate through authentic choice and action instead.

As a practitioner, getting to the heart of the why is not about wading through and picking apart psychology or story. You'll identify the issues and patterns that are embedded in the story, that bog down the client's energy and facilitate a process that leads them beyond and through as they let go, release and clear.

The Astral practitioner program has been revelatory and inspiring. The content is rock solid, the material is engaging, and unfolds systematically. Jill’s teaching style—her clarity of purpose and presentation, with a dash of humor—invites students to engage deeply with their own journey while becoming ever more self-aware and self-responsible. I love attending the live Connection & Collaboration calls; they give me the support I need to confidently develop and expand my practice.
Pamela Hathaway, Marshfield, VT

Jill Leigh

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  • actively considering your next steps and want to invest in a grounded, non-woo energy healing system
  • looking for a comprehensive program and a mentor that supports your learning at the deepest possible levels
  • prepared to invest personally and professionally and have the resources to pay tuition of $835/month for 6 months to build your expertise with energy healing

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"I do this work because I believe in the body's innate ability to heal. I believe in the process that occurs when someone moves into inner alignment and energetic coherence."

Jill Leigh