Evolving the Astral Body

The Heart of the Why

Learn to Clear Energy in the Astral Body

The Astral/emotional body holds the keys to evolution

Experience level: Experienced practitioners with integrated modalities as well as people seeking to launch a client practice dedicated to energy healing

Perfect for: Those interested in the work without the woo - you want to learn a grounded, efficacious energy healing practitioner program

Prerequisites: You are required to take The Present of Presence, to complete the requirements of the Astral practitioner program. Be sure to complete this course, either prior to joining the practitioner program, or early in your studies.

Tuition: Six payments of $845

Class length: 80+ hours online curriculum and 75 hours of practice client experience

Evergreen: Always online, always available - work at your own pace, in concert with the flow of your life!

Connection & Collaboration Calls: Jill is online, two days/week, to connect and share with the cohort of students. The cohort learns from each other's experience, brings questions that Jill and your peers will answer, and best of all - once you're in the program, these Connection & Collaboration Calls do not expire when you complete the program! You can come back with a question, a story, an insight or a bright shiny experience to share with the assembled cohort.

(In addition to your program learning and practice, you could have 100+ hours each year of deepened learning time with Jill and your peer cohort.)


Is this you?

You're repelled by New Age, airy-fairy, woo-woo spirituality

You're not comfortable being called a 'healer', you're attracted to the practitioner role

You want to work with energy, but at the intersection of spirituality and science, not at junction of unicorns and fairies

You want a program, in-depth knowledge, time to practice, feedback and insight from a mentor and guide

You're serious about your work, your practice, your clients and their evolution

You're ready to dig in, grow, let go and become Who You Are (because even practitioners have stuff to resolve!)

You want to feel grounded, informed and prepared to support your clients' healing and evolution

You're not interested in weekend workshops, you want to learn a system and aligned approach to working with energy

You understand that reading about chakras and the aura isn't the point. They're tools for evolution. It's understanding people that makes a practitioner effective

If you said yes to the majority of those statements, we're off to a really good start!

What does an energy practitioner do?

An energy healing practitioner helps clients arrive at the heart of the 'why'.

You'll work with clients who speak to these issues and more:

    • Why am I so anxious?
    • Why are my relationships so challenging?
    • Why do I always put everyone else's needs and wants ahead of my own?
    • Why am I so sensitive?
    • Why can't I get on with my life?
    • Why do I always get stuck, unable to move forward?
    • Why can't I move past this breakup?
    • Why do I feel so badly about myself?

Energy Healing and the Astral/Emotional body

Energy healing is a brilliant resource for moving yourself and your clients past limiting beliefs, difficult or toxic behaviors and relationships, stuck patterns into autonomous, authentic being. The word 'astral' means scintillating, which is what the emotional body would do if it wasn't bogged down with toxic energetic material that derail authentic behavior and experience!

Learning to work effectively with energy requires congruence and alignment; a patchwork quilt of techniques will lack the level of coherence that will bring clients to your practice, or to help those earnest, motivated clients evolve their story, beliefs, patterns or emotions. The Astral energy body is a system - the chakras and the aura work together to help you and your clients live authentically.

If you want to help people shift, evolve, heal and grow, you are best served investing in learning an energy system, with cohesive, grounded skills and practices that help you and your clients move beyond patterns, limitations, beliefs, and stuck or debilitating emotional reactivity.

Energy is present in every interaction & with every modality

    • Bodyworkers are rarely trained to adequately support an emotional release. When stimulated by bodywork, a client's energy may lift emotions out of a held place in the body, and emotional release is the result.
    • Therapists and coaches help people identify underlying thoughts, beliefs, emotions that keep them stuck, cycling through patterns. Without energy practices to help shift those thoughts, beliefs and emotions, the client's awareness may not be enough to resolve or dissolve the issue.
    • Medical clinicians may run test after test to identify or track down what is generating physical symptoms in a client's body, only to come up with no obvious cause. There's an energetic issue at play, and the medical team likely lacks the resources to help the patient heal

These are EHI's sweet spot practitioners. They know that energy is always in the room, and they want to know how to integrate energy healing into a client practice that deeply supports their client's journey from struggle to joy.

Nothing happens physically that doesn't first happen energetically

When a client presents with anxiety, depression, phobias, difficult relationships, blockages, constraints or stuckness, their energy, what they're holding in their chakras and aura is at the heart of the why. There may be psychological implications, in fact, there always are, and there may be a story that leads the client to frame his or her perceptions and belief about what is possible. Yet at the heart of it all is the way the client's energy is wired and what their field is holding that inhibits authentic choice and action. Energy precedes physicality.

As a practitioner, getting to the heart of the why is not about diving into psychology or story. It's about using the story to identify the issues that are bogging down the client's energy and facilitating a process to lead them above and beyond whatever their energy is generating. You've probably heard this before, and likely experienced it once or twice yourself:

'I get the issues. I know I'm repeating old patterns and behaviors, recreating relationships with predictable outcomes. I know it, but I can't seem to help it!'

That's the heart of the why. Something is held in the energy field that inhibits the client (or you) from creating new stories, behaviors, choices, responses and experiences. Talk is cheap, not being able to stop doing something that a client knows is harmful or the antithesis of what is desired is an energy issue. The most effective way through and beyond is resolving the energy patterns in the chakras and the aura.

The Heart of Your Why

You're here because you're curious about joining a practitioner program to launch a new career or integrate energy healing into your client practice. Let's get to it!

Energy healing is a modality, but it's also a strategic approach to inviting change and evolution. To conduct an effective Astral energy healing session, you will:

    • conduct an effective, concise client intake
    • craft a positive, aligned intention for the work conducted on the client's behalf
    • apply energy hygiene - to ensure a clean treatment space, to avoid commingling energies with your client, and to avoid burnout
    • facilitate effective hands-on and hands-off clearing skills for the chakras and aura
    • teach clearing skills to help clients continue to evolve when they're out of the session and in their lives
    • track and monitor your client cases with session notes that reflect the case, the clearing skills applied, and the tools offered to support the client's evolutionary journey

Do you want to work with clients as an energy healing practitioner?

Beginning with the Astral/emotional body, the chakras and aura give you clues, insights and resources for how to help people heal, even if their presenting issue is a physical disease or illness! Why? Because the physical body is often the tail wagging the dog.

Energy healing brings practitioners and their clients to a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, or as I say at EHI, the heart of the why! People repress and suppress emotions that they find uncomfortable, or have been taught not to express. Those emotions build up in the emotional body and overflow into the energy system for the physical body. Sometimes an illness or issue has no basis or rationale for being present in the body. That drives doctors crazy, and is equally frustrating to patients. If there's no presenting cause, no sign of disease or illness, why are people sick? In these instances, the answers usually lie in the emotional body!

As you learn to work with the Astral body, you take the step of discerning and arriving at the heart of the why. If you can do that with yourself and your issues, you can do it with your clients as well.

What is held in the Astral body drives life's experiences!

Practitioner Program Overview:

Through video-based learning, didactic understanding and experiential practice, EHI integrates effective adult learning models and methods to support learning. The program rolls out over time, in a sequential manner, from an overview of the Astral energy body, the chakras and aura, through self-care and energy hygiene. Once these resources are in place practitioners learn to facilitate energy healing sessions from case intake to note taking right through teaching skills to clients.

Every aspect of hands-on treatment is demonstrated on video, with downloadable resources for ensuring correct hand placement and clearing and infusing efficacy.

There are downloadable resources, including:

    • skill illustrations
    • illustrations of hands-on and hands-off clearing practices
    • mp3s of guided meditations
    • templates for case intake and note taking
    • tying treatment strategies to the client case
    • thinking through which skills to teach clients to support their healing and evolution

Hands-on and hands-off energy clearing skills and protocols support client evolution, and give practitioners actionable tools to support their clients' healing.

Practitioner Program Specifics:

Deep grounding in the Astral body, the chakras and aura.

There is no single unified definition of the placement, role or function of the chakras. This energy healing system is grounded in the Western chakra system, discovered by the theosophists in the 1860's, along with the seven planes of consciousness, also articulated by the Theosophists. The definitions and understanding of the Western chakra system has been updated and modernized, because truly, no one needs to be managed or defined by the rigidity and tension of Victorian thinking! Yet, the Western chakra system incorporates a deep understanding of consciousness and the magnificence of validating emotional awareness, while working to evolve, shift, resolve, grow and heal. Nothing is transformed, transcended or transmuted in this system. Everything is validated as current experience, and the chakras and aura are cleared to evolve, shift, resolve, grow and heal.

Energy healing begins with your own self-care.

You'll learn and apply tools, skills, practices and protocols for evolving your own issues, patterns, behaviors, emotions and beliefs and thus be able to assure your clients of the efficacy of the work.

A thriving client practice requires energy hygiene.

You'll learn energy skills for ensuring a clean, hygienic treatment space, and mechanisms for ensuring that your energy remains separate from your client. You don't want or need what your clients release, and they don't need your energy either! Burnout is real; it's an energy hygiene issue. It occurs when practitioners inappropriately (and unconsciously), take on and hold their clients' stuff. Avoiding burnout begins with energy hygiene.

EHI's Guidelines for Intentional Practice, defining your practice intention, and an exploration of how your energy attracts clients to your practice, focalize your energy for the hands-on and hands-off work.

These brief lessons shift your focus from your own inner work toward your practice, potential clients and integrating your role as a practitioner.

Learning hands-on and hands-off clearing skills, practices, tools and protocols and applying them in sessions with practice clients. 

This program has a heavily experiential focus, thus you'll work on practice clients (60 hours required), and submit session work throughout the program for Instructor review and feedback.

You'll learn and practice:

      • Session opening & closing protocols
      • Chakra clearing skills, working with practice clients in your community
      • Aura clearing skills, working with practice clients in your community
      • Protocols for specific energy issues and evolutionary opportunities
      • Effective, concise Case Intake processes
      • Developing treatment strategies
      • Teaching skills to clients to help them evolve and grow more rapidly, with full-on skin in the game

The content is dripped so that you have time between lessons to engage practice clients and facilitate sessions. They'll experience the work with you as it unfolds.

Case intake & note taking essentials ensure compliance, staying on track with your case, and evaluating case progression.

You'll receive templates and a process for developing a brief, concise case intake, as well as tracking your case through effective note taking. While experienced practitioners likely have a process they've already implemented for this work and understand the importance of these tools for case management, new practitioners will be thrilled to have a format, model and approach for this essential aspect of managing case activities.

Setting client intentions, designing treatment strategies & teaching skills to evolve client experience.

Intention setting is a bit of an art. An important component of conducting a body of work together, creating effective intentions for your clients' sessions, as well as for their ongoing work outside your office. Intentions focalize energy, and are used to hone the clearing strategy, as well as provide a framework for teaching chakra and aura clearing skills to clients in accordance with their case. You'll also learn to develop treatment strategies for your clients, using the case intake as a guide. You'll finish this set of Lessons with a comprehensive approach to teaching clearing skills to your clients so they can continue their work outside of their sessions with you.

Feedback on client sessions from EHI practitioner-instructors.

Throughout the program, you'll be engaged with Jill and EHI practitioner-instructors. Throughout the program, you'll be required to submit assignments that help you internalize the learning, and help us see your progression with the material. As part of your Practicum, you'll submit video footage of a client session, and provide us with documented cases for review and feedback. As with other areas of the curriculum, movement through additional learning is paused until the sessions are uploaded and feedback is delivered from EHI. Why? Because we're all about efficacious, grounded, appropriate practice, and until we can see it in action, we don't know that it's happening! This rigor is part of what makes EHI's program outstanding.

Framework and approach for delivering remote sessions to clients.

You'll learn how to deliver remote energy healing sessions, and some suggestions about the ways to strategize how you'd like to deliver them to your clients. Remote sessions extend your practice beyond your local community, and also keep your practice afloat when experiences such as natural disasters, COVID and other large, unplanned events that impact your ability to see clients in real-time. You'll submit information about an additional 10 hours of remote session work to round out your experience with Astral energy healing.


As you successfully complete the Astral program elements, and have received your session review and feedback that acknowledges your understanding of the material, you'll receive your Certificate of Achievement in the Astral Energy Healing: The Heart of the Why practitioner program. This is a huge milestone, and we'll be honored to deliver your certification!

Ongoing Connection & Collaboration Calls with Jill Leigh & EHI Practitioner Instructors

Jill and her team of Practitioner-Instructors attend regular, twice weekly Connection & Collaboration Calls for program attendees to join via Zoom. You're not alone in the program! You're not alone when you complete the program! There are other participants who are working through the material at their own pace, just like you. Share your questions, deepen your learning, interact with the cohort and Jill. As you work more deeply with the material and begin to see practice clients, Connection & Collaboration Calls become a powerful support to help you integrate the concepts you've learned and feel grounded in your understanding. They're not mandatory, but they're highly recommended. Attend a couple, we think you'll be hooked!

Fee-based, 1-1 Case Supervision Sessions with Jill Leigh

Specific case questions cannot be ethically addressed during office hours because of the confidential nature of the work, as well as the depth of the understanding required of the case specifics to effectively guide supervision. Case Supervision is available on a 1-1 basis with Jill Leigh at her published hourly supervision rate. Case Supervision is NOT included in EHI's practitioner programs.

What you'll need to attend:

  • Laptop or tablet with built in or external video camera and microphone. Taking this program via smartphone is not recommended.
  • Recording software for MP3s - tutorial and software suggestions are included in the program
  • Reliable internet access
  • Video software for MP4s - tutorial and software suggestions are included in the program. These can be recorded via smartphone.
  • Pendulum
  • 5-6 practice clients who work with you for between 10 and 15 session hours as a component of your Certification.

This is a program. Practitioners are expected to complete the assignments, including work with practice clients, to ensure integration of the material and successful work as an energy healing practitioner. The program pauses at key junctures to enable you to complete work assignments and upload them to the program for review and feedback by EHI Practitioner-Instructors and Jill Leigh. 


Got Questions? Want to meet Jill? Let's connect!

What follows this program?

I'm so glad you asked! Once this program and all of its elements are completed, you're eligible to move forward to Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing. Learning how to treat the Etheric body when a client presents with illness or difficult symptoms is an important resource to your practice. Working in the highly complex Etheric energy system is a powerful next step for energy healing practitioners who want to leverage their service offering, deliver powerful healing to clients, and grow in their understanding of how the energy bodies impact physical experience.

Beyond the Etheric body?

Oh yes, there's more you can learn and practice at EHI. Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause is a rigorous program taught live, online by Jill Leigh. Once the Astral and Etheric programs are completed, you can step into the work of understanding the root cause of disease and illness. While some teachers might call this Medical Intuition, EHI sees that term as potentially misleading and perhaps dangerous. After all, who is legally trained to diagnose disease or illness? Doctors. There is no point in raising concerns about your role, there is no point in putting yourself at risk by claiming a label that speaks to illegal activity. Energetic Assessment is a complex, in-depth approach to understanding what is generating an illness or disease in the body. Practitioners learn to work from a diagnosis to help unravel the energies that generated and now hold the illness in place, to develop effective treatment strategies, and to support clients to contextualize the 'why' behind a diagnosis.

"I do this work because I believe in the body's innate ability to heal. I believe in the process that occurs when someone moves into inner alignment and energetic coherence."

Jill Leigh