Practitioner Program Overview

Experience level: Experienced practitioners with integrated modalities as well as people seeking to launch a client practice dedicated to energy healing

Perfect for: Those interested in the work without the woo - you want to learn a grounded, efficacious energy healing system

Prerequisites: The Present of Presence, learn two foundational skills for energy regulation and embodied awareness

Tuition: Six payments of $845 ($5000)

Class length: 85+ hours online curriculum and 75 hours of practice client experience. Practitioners tend to spend 4-6 hours/week engaging with the online course material. When they begin working with practice clients, the material comes to life, and it's not unusual to invest 10 or so hours/week in client sessions. Your pace is yours to choose. What will work with your practice? Your life? That's the right amount of time to invest!

Evergreen: Always online, always available - work at your own pace, in concert with the flow of your life!

Connection & Collaboration Calls: Jill is online, two days/week, to connect and share with the cohort of students. The cohort learns from each other's experience, brings questions that Jill and your peers will answer, and best of all - once you're in the program, these Connection & Collaboration Calls do not expire when you complete the program! You can come back with a question, a story, an insight or a bright shiny experience to share with the assembled cohort.

Through video-based learning, didactic understanding and experiential practice, EHI integrates effective adult learning models and methods to support learning. The program rolls out over time, in a sequential manner, from an overview of the Astral energy body, the chakras and aura, through self-care and energy hygiene. Once these resources are in place practitioners learn to facilitate energy healing sessions from case intake to note taking right through teaching skills to clients.

Video Demonstrations: Every aspect of hands-on treatment is demonstrated on video to ensure ergonomic, correct hand placement and clearing and infusing efficacy.

Downloadable resources:

  • Self-care skill illustrations
  • hands-on and hands-off clearing illustrations
  • guided meditation mp3s
  • case intake and note taking templates
Practitioner Program Specifics

Deep grounding in the Astral body, the chakras and aura.

There is no single unified definition of the placement, role or function of the chakras. This energy healing system is grounded in the Western chakra system and the seven planes of consciousness, discovered and articulated by the Theosophists in the 1860's. Fortunately, the definitions and understanding of the Western chakra system has been updated and modernized. None of us need to be managed or defined by the rigidity and tension of Victorian thinking! The Western chakra system incorporates a deep understanding of consciousness, and the magnificence of validating emotional awareness. Through this foundational lens, the chakras and aura are cleared to evolve, shift, resolve, grow and heal.

Energy healing begins with your own self-care.

You'll learn and apply tools, skills, practices and protocols for evolving your own issues, patterns, behaviors, emotions and beliefs and thus be able to assure your clients of the efficacy of the work.

A thriving client practice requires energy hygiene.

You'll practice simple, effective energy hygiene skills for ensuring a clean, hygienic treatment space. Individuation and separation are essential to this work; you don't want or need what your clients release, and they don't need your mojo either! Avoiding burnout begins with energy hygiene.

EHI's Guidelines for Intentional Practice focalize your energy for working with your clients.

There is no central or unifying code of conduct and ethical practice in the energy healing field. The onus is on the energy school or program to establish appropriate boundaries of practice. 

Learning hands-on and hands-off clearing skills, practices, tools and protocols and applying them in sessions with practice clients. 

This program is experiential. You'll submit session work on practice clients throughout the program for Instructor review and feedback.

You'll learn and practice:

    • Session opening & closing protocols
    • Chakra clearing skills
    • Aura clearing skills
    • Protocols for specific energy issues 
    • Effective, concise Case Intake processes
    • Developing treatment strategies
    • Teaching skills to clients to support growth and evolution 

Case intake & note taking essentials to evaluate case progression and ensure compliance.

Templates and a process for developing a brief, concise case intake, and session notes are included with the program. While you may have an intake and session notes process in place for other modalities, both new and experienced practitioners appreciate a format, model and approach for managing case activities.

Setting client intentions, designing treatment strategies & teaching skills to evolve client experience.

Intention setting is a bit of an art. Intentions focalize energy, and hone the clearing strategy, and provide context for teaching chakra and aura clearing skills to clients.

You'll also learn to develop treatment strategies for your clients, using the case intake as a guide.

You'll finish this set of Lessons with a comprehensive approach to teaching clearing skills to your clients so they can continue their work outside of their sessions with you.

Feedback on client sessions from EHI practitioner-instructors.

You'll be engaged with Jill and EHI practitioner-instructors throughout the program, submitting assignments that help you internalize the learning, and help us see your progression with the material. As part of your Practicum, you'll submit video footage of a client session, and provide documented cases for review and feedback. This rigor is how EHI practitioners build confidence in their ability to effectively support their clients healing and evolution.

Framework and approach for delivering remote sessions to clients.

You'll learn how to deliver remote energy healing sessions, along with strategies for integrating them into your practice. Remote sessions extend your practice beyond your local community, and keep your practice afloat when circumstances arise that make it difficult to see clients in real-time. You'll submit information about an additional 15 hours of remote session work to round out your experience with Astral energy healing.


As you successfully complete the Astral program elements, you'll receive your Certificate of Achievement in the Astral Energy Healing: The Heart of the Why practitioner program. This is a huge milestone, and we'll be honored to deliver your certification!

Ongoing Connection & Collaboration Calls with Jill Leigh & EHI Practitioner Instructors

The program is self-paced, but you're never alone! Jill offers and attends live, weekly Connection & Collaboration Calls via Zoom where you can interact with your cohort, share your questions, and deepen your learning. Connection & Collaboration Calls are a powerful support for integrating the concepts you've learned and grounding your awareness. Attend a couple, we think you'll be hooked!

Fee-based, 1-1 Case Supervision Sessions with Jill Leigh

Specific case questions cannot be ethically addressed during Connection & Collaboration Calls because of confidentiality, as well as the depth of understanding required of case specifics to provide effective coaching. Case Supervision is available on a 1-1 basis with Jill Leigh at her published hourly supervision rate. 

What you'll need to attend

Here’s the list of things you’ll need to complete this program: 

  • Laptop or tablet with built in or external video camera and microphone; Taking this program via smartphone is not recommended.
  • Recording software for MP3s - tutorial and software suggestions are included in the program.
  • Reliable internet access.
  • Video software for MP4s - tutorial and software suggestions are included in the program. These can be recorded via smartphone.
  • Pendulum - crystal or stone are preferable. Unless you're a jewelry designer, please do not make your own pendulum! It needs to be balanced for accurate assessments.
  • Massage table, pillow, sheets, blankets - optional eye pillows, knee bolsters, other props for client comfort and relaxation.
  • 5-6 practice clients who work with you for between 10 and 15 session hours as a component of your Certification.
Cancellation Policy

This is EHI's Cancellation policy. As you register, you'll be agreeing to these terms. 

Termination of Enrollment.
After you become enrolled in the
Program, you may immediately terminate your enrollment in the Program for your convenience at any time by notifying us (according to the “Notices” section of this Agreement) that you are terminating your enrollment in the Program for your convenience (such notice, your “Termination Notice”). If you breach these Terms, the requirements of the Program, the ToS, or our Privacy Policy, we may immediately terminate your enrollment in the Program by notifying you (according to the “Notices” section of this Agreement) that we are terminating your enrollment in the Program for your breach.

Even if your enrollment in the Program terminated prior to your completion of the Program, you will owe us the full amount of the Program Price, subject to Section 8. This means that we will continue to bill you on your Payment Plan for unpaid amounts of the Program Price, if applicable and subject to Section 8.

  1. Partial Refunds or Cessation of Payments on Payment Plan. If we receive a Termination Notice from you, you may be entitled to: 
    • If we receive your Termination Notice between the thirty-first (31st) day and the sixtieth (60th) day following the start of the Program, then we will issue to you a partial refund in the amount of 50% of the Program Price.
    • If you have timely made all required payments under your Payment Plan, and we receive your Termination Notice on or before the sixtieth (60th) day following the start of the Program, then you will no longer owe us any future payments on your Payment Plan.
    • We will not owe you any refund and there will be no cessation of payments on your Payment Plan if we: (i) receive your Termination Notice on or after the sixty-first (61st) day following the start of the Program or (ii) terminate your enrollment in the Program because you breached these Terms, the requirements of the Program, the ToS, or our Privacy Policy.

We will promptly process any refund you are owed. Any refund we issue to you will be credited back to the same payment method used to make the original purchase. Any refund we do issue to you will be reduced by any fees we incurred in processing your original payment and your refund.