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Taking up the reins to own and manage your energy is a brilliant choice. I'm delighted to share these resources with you.
~ Jill

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Present of Presence

A free, live, online, 1-hour class where I'll share context on the chakras and guide you through a powerful chakra setting practice. You can use this practice to connect more deeply to yourself and bring your attention and focus into the present moment.



Energy protocols to help you evolve and thrive — worth their weight in gold!

Saving Yourself

If you’re ready to put your life front and center and drop your unpaid caretaking role, this Nugget is for you!

Calming Difficult Relationships

Doing Your Part to Diffuse, Let Go, Level Up


Your Etheric Body - an overview of your Etheric energy, the chakras, aura and nadis that make up the energy system for your physical body.

Your Astral Body - an overview of your Astral energy, the chakras, their placement and function, your aura and its role, that make up the energy system for your emotional body.

Your Mental/Causal Body - an overview of the subplanes of the Mental and Causal energy system and how they interact with your physical and emotional body, and your spiritual awareness.

Monkey Mind Meditation - a brief overview of Monkey Mind (too much mental energy & perseveration) and a meditation for caging the monkeys!

Top 3 Blog Posts

From Empathic to Clairvoyant

You can develop a more sophisticated and respectful way of reading other people’s energy

The Mystical Healing Crisis

When a healing crisis is present in your life it serves as a deep, full-on call for personal evolution

How Chakras Can Hold (and Clear) Physical Pain

Clearing emotional energy in your chakras is a healing resource for decreasing physical pain

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