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Welcome to the Energy Healing Institute! This is an opportunity for you
to advance your studies around energy, consciousness and healing. Each offering of EHI empowers students to a deeper sense of presence, confidence and embodiment.

Meet Jill Leigh

Jill Leigh has been an energy practitioner and teacher for more than 25 years. Her interest in energy healing grew out of learning to work with her energy system as a resource for evolving her physical and emotional healing and her overall well being.

After many years of study and exploration of the integration of science, spirituality and indigenous lifeways, Jill founded Energy Healing Institute to share her teachings, skills and practices with other practitioners seeking to integrate energy healing into their lives and client practice and with her clients. 

Jill Leigh Energy Healing Institute
Jill Leigh Energy Healing Institute



Whether you want to integrate energy healing into your current practice, or you’re interested in beginning an energy healing practice, this in-depth program will teach you the necessary skills and protocols.

Using system-based, intensive training methods, you will learn advanced energy healing techniques that are crucial for a healthy, responsible practice.

Energy Healing Institute

“Learning energy healing with Jill has changed my life, and the life of my Lyme clients who often suffer from emotional trauma. Healing the body includes the mind and emotions. Energy healing provides me with a fully integrated practice that supports wholeness and wellness."

Ellen Donaldson, Melrose, MA

Upcoming Classes

EHI offers classes throughout the year, check the courses page to see what’s new. You can sign up for any class using our easy online registration.

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Want to try an EHI course and see what it’s all about? Sign up for the FREE Present of Presence course and become more clear and grounded.

Clear Your Energy Field

Want to know how to clear your energy field? Learn to align your energy and intentions through chakra and aura clearing skills in a self-paced, online class.


Check out EHI’s free line of Chakra Sanities. Each one gives you the tools you need to manage the energy patterns that keep you stuck.


Intermediate and Advanced Levels. From energy clearing to advanced practitioner skills, EHI has a wide range of courses to choose from.

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The Books On My Nightstand

People often ask what books I’m reading. Right now, I keep my nightstand covered with books old and new. I only retain books I want to read again. All others land in a neighborhood book kiosk, or at the famous Powell’s Bookstore here in Portland, Oregon.

“The Practitioner Program gave me powerful insights about how to empower my clients to see themselves as healers and me as a facilitator and resource to their process. I appreciate this grounding for my client practice. It appropriately places responsibility for the work my clients and I do together. My clients love owning the power of their intention and focus on wellness and evolution, too.”

Jesy Joy, LMP & Energy Healing Practitioner, Barnard, VT

"The Seven Practices for Conscious Activism training was a great class! I was looking forward to it because I knew you would share things that would cause a personal shift in my life. Thank you for sharing your gift to the world."

Carmen Cook, Deltona, FL

“I have encountered a very few individuals who have impacted my personal evolution in such a profound way, and Jill Leigh is among them. She is an amazing teacher, writer, and mentor who, through her EHI Practitioner Program, has created a life-altering experience for me.”

Naomi Ayogi - Soul to Soul Healer

“Jill, your energy hygiene skills are amazing! I have been coming out of my massages feeling good and refreshed, rather than drained. I had some hygiene protocols in place before (an ever changing plethora of them,) but I had no clue quite how much I had really been taking in. Holy Cow, this stuff is so good!”

Lauren Kinsey, Midland, TX - Body Work Fusion

“The protocols, practices and structure in the EHI Practitioner Program helped me to separate myself and my energy from the client and his or her energy. This perspective offered a hygienic view of their needs without my personal feelings or agenda getting in the way.”

Peter Humphrey, Humphrey Energy Healing, Sleepy Hollow, NY