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Jill is an accomplished speaker with an engaging and welcoming style. She can tailor her content to corporate, medical, spiritual and clinical audiences. The bottom line: if you're involved with people, energy is always in the room!

Working with energy, understanding human behavior and expanding conscious awareness are all hallmarks of the content that Jill can share at your conference, meeting or training.

If you would like to book Jill to present at your live or online event, please connect with her here to learn more.

Guest Appearances


Self-care is not just about manicures and massages. It's about showing up for yourself, and embodying a practice that helps you grow, shift, evolve and heal. Listen to Jill's discussion with Dr. Heather Clark on her podcast, Unshakable Being.

It was a total pleasure to spend time with Heather, and share ideas, thoughts and resources for managing stress, growing and evolving through embodied self-care and energy healing.


You know what brings me joy? Watching thriving practitioners, with whom I've had the pleasure and privilege of teaching, deliver high-quality, professional content for their clients and those who have interest in their work.

I really enjoyed speaking with Christine Okezie on her recent podcast. I hope you'll take a listen!

VoiceAmerica - Rediscovering the Magic of Being with Marja

Is it difficult for you to be in the present moment? Do you find yourself often in the past or future instead of where you are right now? On this show, Marja interviews Jill about different ways to bring yourself into the present moment. Listen in for an exploration of the power of presence.

Well Woman Show

Interview with Giovanna Rossi at Well Woman Life

In this powerful interview learn:

  • How Jill was able to cure her chronic fatigue and auto-immune issues
  • How to continue being productive and avoid burnout when you feel overworked
  • How to leave work at the office and be present in your life outside of your career
Spirituality & Health

Spirituality & Health Magazine

Jill Leigh is honored to provide content for Spirituality & Health Magazine on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • The Ability to Manifest
  • The Key to Actualizing
  • How to Adjust your Chakras
Native Society

The Native Society

Positive Perspective Platform: Inspiring Thought Leadership

Read Jill's interview including her answers to questions like:

  • What do you do best?
  • What makes you the best version of yourself?
  • Who are your favorite people / role models?