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Creating a mainstream energy healing practice

Working with energy means working with multiple systems in the human body. There’s lots of information online about chakras and the aura, but if it’s not learned in the context of a cohesive system, then it’s possible to create incongruence in your own energy field, and in your clients fields.

With energy healing being increasingly incorporated into mainstream healthcare, it’s important to learn how to work in an integrated manner with the various energy bodies, so that the work is grounded, effective and does no harm. Our programs build upon one another and are designed to support practitioners to do really good work with their clients – to encourage agency, evolution and healing.

Jill Leigh

Three comprehensive energy healing programs for your client practice

Practitioners largely choose to take all three programs at EHI because of their integration with one another, and to be able to support different levels of client needs. We start with the Astral (emotional) body, as the chakra and aura system is the one most commonly recognized, and because it enables practitioners to help clients shift beyond patterns, behaviors, themes and beliefs that inhibit healing. Many EHI practitioners have multiple modalities that they integrate into their client practice. Energy healing is often the missing link when someone responds to treatment or therapy, yet doesn’t actually fully heal. The held energy in the clients field keeps them circling the same issues and injuries and inhibits full healing.

We’re pleased to present the three levels of practitioner programs and continuing education classes available to integrative and alternative practitioners and those wanting to launch a career as a professional practitioner.

It all starts with the Emotional body

The emotional body, the chakras and aura, are cleared and infused in nearly every energy treatment you offer your clients. What’s held in the emotional body impacts the whole self.

Evolving the Astral Body:

The heart of the why

Learn how to clear the emotional body as a core element of your mainstream practice. This program establishes the foundations of energy healing in a clean, comprehensive and grounded practice.

The physical body and energy healing

Furthering your knowledge, expanding your practice offering to include energy healing for the physical body includes learning the Etheric energy system (major chakras, aura and minor nadis). This program integrates practices and protocols into your treatment strategies for your clients.

Evolving the Etheric body:

Supporting physical healing

When a client presents with a physical issue or disease, there’s a lot you can do to support their healing. Acknowledging the Mind-Body connection, you’ll learn the Etheric energy system and specific practices and protocols to integrate into a comprehensive treatment strategy.

What is the Root Cause of Disease?

EHI doesn’t use the term medical intuition because without medical training, diagnosing any condition is unethical and illegal. EHI practitioners look at root cause behind a medically diagnosed disease or illness to facilitate healing, both in the treatment strategy, and to support the client’s inner work.

Energetic Assessment:

Determining Root Cause

Partnering with your clients to facilitate deep healing when faced with a challenging diagnosis or illness is a privilege and an honor. Having the knowledge to identify the root cause of a diagnosis, beyond what the physical body is experiencing, helps people to heal at all levels – body, mind and spirit.

Continuing Education Master Classes

These self-paced Master Classes deepen your capacity as a practitioner. Clairvoyance is recommended for those completing Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing and is a prerequisite for Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause.


Clairvoyance is NOT a gift, it’s a skill! Develop, refine and expand your ability to perceive and read energy for personal evolution and if desired, in a client practice. Live, online Office Hours with Jill Leigh once a month for Q&A & connections.

Conscious Channeling

Channeling guides and energy expands and deepens your spiritual connection. Develop, refine and expand your ability to connect with guidance for yourself, and if you choose, within a client practice. Live, online Office Hours with Jill Leigh once a month for Q&A & connections.