Practitioner Programs



Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why

Whether people enter your practice for physical or emotional/spiritual healing and evolution, the foundations of energy healing are best learned in the Astral/emotional body. You'll learn and practice clearing energy in your chakras and aura, anchor into a deep understanding of the Astral energy system, which informs emotional awareness, and integrates with the Etheric energy system of the physical body. From there, you'll learn to clear the Astral energy in your clients chakras and aura, with appropriate, effective energy hygiene to minimize energy transference, a primary cause of practitioner burnout. 
If you are ready to build a practice, or take your existing practice to the next level by integrating energy healing into your modalities, and you want to learn without a lot of New Age background noise, we recommend this very thorough and intensive program of study.


Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting Physical Healing

This is the next level for practitioners committed to energy healing. The program gives you a thorough understanding of the diverse and wildly complex Etheric body, its major and minor chakras, the dense, compact aura, and the major and minor nadis. You'll learn how, in concert with the Astral body, to deliver effective and powerful treatment to clients to support healing the physical body, often applied in collaboration with mainstream medical treatment. 
Incorporating the Etheric practitioner program with the energy healing practices learned in the Astral practitioner program, you'll broaden your approach to healing, acknowledging and honoring the mind-body connection, and leveraging the integration between emotional awareness and physical illness and the body's ongoing drive to seek balance, homeostasis.


Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause

Many practitioners who have completed the Astral and Etheric programs elect to complete their learning at EHI by attending Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause. While some schools or organizations would call this program, Medical Intuition, that's a subset of what you'll learn, apply and practice in this program. Practitioners are taught to work from a diagnosis, (energy practitioners are not legally allowed to diagnose illness or disease), and to get to the root cause behind the symptoms. An Energetic Assessment is used to facilitate healing, to support a client to look beyond symptoms and syndromes to do the work of letting go, clearing, releasing and evolving.

This intensive program is taught live, online by Jill Leigh. It is rigorous and demanding. Jill insists on a strenuous certification model since this work is about helping clients to uncover the core of whatever is driving and influencing physical experience. The work gives experienced practitioners a broader perspective on both healing and conscious evolution and provides them with tools and resources for determining the 'why' behind a diagnosis of an entrenched emotional pattern, physical illness or disease, or phantom illness, where symptoms point to a physical problem that doctors can't confirm or diagnose.


"I do this work because I believe in the body's innate ability to heal. I believe in the process that occurs when someone moves into inner alignment and energetic coherence."

Jill Leigh