Complete your assignments in preparation for our live Q&A call Copy

Hopefully the project that you’ve chosen will keep you busy with your Lifetime Guide for a while. Because that’s the intention I have for this Masterclass.

I’d like you to work with your LG at least 3-4 times before our next Q&A call. Ideally, you’ll create a list of questions, insights you’d like to discuss prior to each channeling session.

The goal is three-fold:

  • Build your stamina in the Channeling System by engaging and interacting with your LG
  • Receive guidance and implement steps to move forward with the project that you’d like to create and manifest
  • Develop a set of experiences that you can bring to the live Q&A so that you’re an active participant and we can learn from you.

Looking forward to seeing you in the live Q&A call. By the time we meet, you’ll be on to the next module, working with your Healing Guide.