Integrating Your Aura Self-care Clearing Skills

Maintenance is just that

Keep up with the maintenance work on your aura, and you’ll be more aligned, balanced, grounded, embodied and self-aware. If you’re a pendulum user, you could ask a yes/no question about the need to apply an individual aura maintenance skill in the day’s clearing practice. You could ensure that you check in on each of the maintenance skills once or twice a week.

There are no rules or must’s associated with these skills.

Some considerations and suggestions:

  • Depending on the issues or projects you’re working on evolving in your experience, some maintenance skills may take on more importance than others.
  • If you struggle with embodiment, Repairing Rips, Tears and Holes , and of course, Setting Auric Boundaries become important maintenance resources in concert with Setting Chakras and Grounding.
  • If you are frequently bogged down, blocked, impeded internally or externally when you try to move forward on tasks, ideas, projects, Clearing Obstructions, Constrictions and Blockages might be important to factor into a regular clearing practice.
  • If you find that your negative self-talk, your inner critic has an especially loud voice in your head, Removing Weapons is something to work with regularly.

Next steps:

You’re now proceeding to the Big 4 Aura Clearing skills.