Read a Few Final Thoughts About Destroying Contracts

What an interesting juxtaposition to recognize that everything is sacred and nothing is permanent or mandated.

All of the constructs, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, emotions, patterns, relationships, issues, behaviors that you have co-created over the course of your essence’s experiences in various incarnations across ‘time’ — past and future — are up for grabs. You hold the keys to how you engage, interact, perceive and interpret every experience that you have.

This is why two people faced with similar experiences have two very different perceptions of what has taken place and how they were affected and imprinted by the experience. One person finds the experience to be overwhelming and traumatic, causing a state of dis-ease and despair. Another finds the experience a challenge to be taken up and overcome, an opportunity to learn and grow.

I invite you to have deep faith in your ability to evolve, grow, shift, change, become Who You Are. And I applaud every moment you have spent clearing energy in this course.

I do hope that you’ll download each meditation, use my melodious tones until you feel as though you’ve integrated the skills and are ready to stand with your own Clear practice.

The last brief lesson in this course speaks to integrating the Clear Skills and creating a regular practice.

I’m honored to share my final thoughts on energy clearing with you.