Watch the video on Viewing Energy Clairvoyantly on Your Psychic Screen Copy

In preparation for your final exploration in this module, please watch the video on Viewing Energy Clairvoyantly on Your Psychic Screen.

There’s important information in this video, and it will get you ready for completing your assignments in preparation for our live call, as well as offer context on how you’ll eventually use these skills when sharing them with others — your clients, colleagues.

I don’t recommend using the Clairvoyance System to read the energy of friends and family, but the same context will apply should you make this choice as well.

(This skill can land you in lots of trouble with friends and family if you perceive something that opposes someone else’s worldview or self-perception. Additionally, it’s important to think of these skills as resources for growth and evolution, not a party trick or a means of demonstrating spiritual prowess. When the Clairvoyance System becomes a free resource to those you love and care about, you can find yourself being asked for inappropriate information, at inappropriate times and places. You can become a ‘de facto spiritual adviser’ who is expected to work for free, and to take on and resolve issues that are not yours to manage. I don’t advocate using these skills at any time with friends and family, because they are often misused or not appreciated as resources for evolution, healing and spiritual growth.)

Once you’ve completed the video, you’ll do a bit more reading about viewing energy and then you’ll begin the mp3 exploration to view your energy clairvoyantly on your psychic screen! You’ve arrived!