Evolving Consciousness

Somatization, A Quick Guide

What is Somatization? Somatization is the result of repressed emotions migrating from the emotional energy field into the field of the physical body. We can all recognize the cause-effect relationship between stubbing a toe and the toe turning blue, we also need a toolset for recognizing physical pain that originated from a difficult or painful emotion or thought. Your… [Read More…] about Somatization, A Quick Guide

The Energy Healing Institute has a New Website!

Who’s ready for an upgrade? I hope you are, because that’s what we’re delivering today. Please join us in celebrating our brand new website. This announcement comes on the heels of much hard work from a dedicated team of people who all believe that energy work is a force for individual and global evolution. We… [Read More…] about The Energy Healing Institute has a New Website!

The Books On My Nightstand

People often ask what books I’m reading. Right now, I keep my nightstand covered with books old and new. I only retain books I want to read again. All others land in a neighborhood book kiosk, or at the famous Powell’s Bookstore here in Portland, Oregon.

A Word on Worldviews

The recent Presidential election has upended values, assumptions and beliefs that many hold dear. It’s hard to avoid the firestorm of reaction, despair, anger and fear resulting from the election. My work does not include the role of political analyst or pundit. Praise be! My work is to teach coherence. To help people understand how to… [Read More…] about A Word on Worldviews