For Practitioners

The Hard Work is Upon Us

If you are an energy healing practitioner, bodyworker, therapist or any kind of healing practitioner, I know your clients are leaning heavily on you these days. I heard that leading up to the election, people who typically see their therapist once a month have gone once a week, and clients who typically schedule once a week are going every day. So,… [Read More…] about The Hard Work is Upon Us

Healer Hubris

It’s been a rough couple of weeks professionally. Here’s what I’ve witnessed: Situation 1 – a friend of a friend described her energy healing training to me. Here’s one major teaching she’s learned and practices: When walking down the street, shopping, hanging out in a park or bowling alley – scan and fix other people’s energy.… [Read More…] about Healer Hubris

Meditation and Mental Illness

CK has often had the privilege of working with young spiritually inclined individuals – many high school and college aged.  These amazing people are students of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Shamanism, Spiritualism and many other isms, including hallucinogenisms (yeah, a CK-ism). Through meditation, ceremony, ritual these people have experienced life-changing and mind-blowing awakenings.  To divinity, consciousness,… [Read More…] about Meditation and Mental Illness