Let’s Get Clear


Using CLEAR protocols to shift, change, heal, evolve and grow!

Friend, whatever your story, energy is at its core. The end. If you know and own what you’re vibrating, energy work paves the way to (r)evolution.

Let me ask you:

What do you want to shift? Change? Move beyond? Heal? Evolve?

You have the CLEAR skills, yet you may not have full context and expertise for using them in a protocol, anchored by a grounded, focalizing intention, to help you evolve, resolve, shift, heal, grow and thrive in new ways of being.

I want to help you get CLEAR

By that I mean, I want you to clear whatever no longer serves, but I also am playing with the double entendre – if you get how powerful these CLEAR skills are when you apply them in an intentional protocol and practice, well dang, you’ve got it all, baby!

As a CLEAR participant, or as an EHI practitioner, you’re invited to join me at a live, online, 2-hour workshop and group clearing.

Date: December 12
Time: 12 – 12-2pm Eastern, 9-11am Pacific
Fee: $50

Here’s how our 2 hours will flow:

Project Definition – Working individually, you’ll take a few minutes to gain clarity about the issue you’re going to evolve with the CLEAR tools.

Examples: PTSD, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety/perfectionism, Embodiment, Psychic interference, Patterns, Behaviors, Relationships, Limiting beliefs. The skies the limit, what’s rattling your cage? Let’s get to work on it!

Scope & Skills – working in small groups, you’ll be given a resource to guide you to

  • identify which chakras are enrolled in your story and
  • choose the CLEAR tools and resources to support your evolution

Process & Anchoring – in our large group, you’ll have group input and support, and method for thinking through how to

  • design your protocol and
  • craft your intention

Practice & CLEAR – once we’ve got it all pulled together, we’ll

  • create a hygienic container for our group clearing process and
  • CLEAR!

Debrief & Feedback – before we log off there’ll be space and time for sharing insights and experiences and asking questions.

My Last 5 Emails

I have shared 5 different stories, including my own healing 30+ years ago from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and rage (so much rage!). My story isn’t any more unique or special than anyone else’s. What’s powerful about any of the  stories I shared is that each individual tucked in and did the work. They found the tools in CLEAR to be their resources for (r)evolution. Learning to work intentionally with an established protocol and a consistent practice. Use them daily, 2x/week, 3x/week – 20 or so minutes at a time, to move the needle, release held patterns and stories, and create space for new possibilities.