Watch the Video to Prepare for Releasing Extremities

Start with yourself

Identify an emotion or two that you work hard not to feel. I’m comfortable with anger. I grew up in an angry household, so I’m used to it. I can feel it, be around other people who are angry and feel perfectly centered. What I don’t like to feel is anxiety. I’ll suppress that as fast as I can. It’s not conscious, that would be too easy! It’s unconscious. It starts to emerge, and I tamp it down, make it stop. It doesn’t stop, it goes underground.

What about you? Name it to yourself, own it, and let your gorgeous body know that you’re going to address this issue and let your body run the energy it’s supposed to run, you’ll siphon off what you’ve repressed.

Next steps:

Now watch the preparation video and then proceed to the Demonstration: Releasing Extremities.