Calming Difficult Relationships

Doing Your Part to Diffuse, Let Go, Level Up

An EHI Nugget

What is it that Linus used to say in the Peanuts cartoon? ‘I love mankind, it’s people I can’t stand.’

The idea of having people in your life is a good one. Yet sometimes the actual reality of those people is a whole different story!

You bring your stories and biases, assumptions and projections with you into every relationship. When confronted or challenged in your relationships, you might roll them out and roll people over with them, right? Ever been there? Who hasn’t?

Now, you don’t do it on purpose, and people truly can be exasperating. But one thing’s for sure. You can’t sit around waiting for other people to change, you have to work on yourself, and bring change to your relationships.

It’s an energy thing

When there’s difficulties in relationship, there’s also energetic interference taking place that keeps you from finding mechanisms for clear interactions. The biases, assumptions, projections and stories are driving your reaction, and you may not even be reacting through in-the-moment awareness!

Truth is, you’re both inherently good, and flawed. And you can learn to do better in your relationships. We all can.

Reset your relationships

I have a protocol to share with you that helps you clean up the stuff that you bring into your relationships. Doing so frees you up to be Who You Are, and to engage and interact without the shadows and wisps of other times, places and people.

Protocol defined

What do I mean by protocol? A series of energy skills that you can do in a specific, logical order. It’s like a guided meditation that helps you fully step into your relationships in current time. What’s not to love about that?

In this protocol, there are 5 steps. You’ll apply four of them with your chakras. The final skill is used in your aura. There’s also a little primer on intention setting, too!


While there’s no guarantee it’ll fix what other people do when they interact with you, imagine having the space to operate differently when you connect with others. And as you do so, you create an energetic invitation to others to respond to you in new, more effective ways as well.

Join me

So, are you ready? This little live, online, 1.5-hour Calming Difficult Relationships Nugget is coming your way soon.



Experience Level

Consciously Curious

Course Length

1.5 hours

Course Format

Live, Online, Experiential

Date and Time

November 12, 2020, 5:00-6:30pm Pacific/8:00-9:30pm Eastern