The Caretaking & Burnout Connection

and what to do about it

Practitioners – a two part, live workshop to evolve beyond caretaking

And then help your clients let go of caretaking in their relationships.

Join Johanna Lynn and Jill Leigh in a 3-hour, two part workshop to get to the heart of caretaking, and acquire and practice energy clearing skills for resolving the behavior – for yourself, and with your clients!

Part One – the root of caretaking

In the first part of our time together, Johanna will share Constellation work to provide us with insight into the ‘why’ behind the caretaker energy we’ve unconsciously internalized. That energy leads us into burnout, misplaced boundaries, compassion fatigue, and possibly even resentment in our role as practitioners.

And caretaking doesn’t stop with us! We see it in our clients, as well. But we can’t help our clients put the pattern down if we’re living with it ourselves.

Part Two – moving beyond caretaking

In the second half of our workshop, Jill will help you refine how you engage and interact with your clients (and in your life), using energy clearing and energy hygiene tools and practices. 

Without healthy boundaries, you’re awash in sensations and whatever emotional and physical energy your clients activate and release in the session.  

How our time together will flow

Working with one of the group members as a volunteer, we’ll uncover the root cause of caretaking that drives behavior such as, fear of being judged, or losing the relationship if the emotional heavy lifting comes to an end. In her work, Johanna listens to the words spoken by the unconscious, to source the solution needed to move out of patterned ways.

We’ll wrap up this learning with a discussion of how these issues are mirrored in our clients who are also caught in the caretaker trap.

Prior to moving on to the second part of our workshop, we’ll take a break to integrate and have a few moments to reflect on our shared experience.

After our break, Jill will share simple, actionable practices for containing your energy. We’ll practice them during the workshop, and you’ll have a downloadable mp3 meditation to help you integrate the skills. Applying these practices will help you to shift to holding space for healing and evolution, and step away from depleting caretaking behaviors.

We’ll complete the workshop with a discussion about the resources you can offer to your clients, to help them shift the caretaking dynamic in their lives. 

What is Constellation Systems Work?

Systemic Constellations are a therapeutic approach designed to reveal hidden dynamics within ourselves and our family in order to transform painful patterns. Shining light on what keeps you responding in ways that deplete you or build resentment and opens the door to resolving it – for good.

Often those who are drawn to the helping profession have been the helper in the family, the one everyone could count on. Perhaps taking care of a sad mom or dad – creates an instinct is to check in with others before themselves. Noticing the needs in others first, before knowing their own — t’s a hard-wired systemic pattern, that can be turned around!

What is Energy Hygiene?

Energy hygiene is the process of establishing and maintaining energetic boundaries that ensure clean, appropriate interactions with your clients, without taking on, holding, or overstepping the lines that define your role as a practitioner. Learning energy hygiene supports your professional boundaries, so that you are aligned, balanced and clear, and your client has the responsibility for their inner (r)evolution. You facilitate their journey, but you don’t hold their work!

Who should take The Caretaking & Burnout Connection?

Practitioners who are ready to shift out of the caretaker role and into a more elevated, effective way of engaging with clients

Those who consider themselves empathic healers

Constellation systems and energy healing practitioners

Those who have clients in their practice who have persistent caretaking behaviors

The Caretaking & Burnout Connection Workshop Includes:

3-HR Live Online Workshop

to explore the roots of caretaking patterns and to learn and apply energy hygiene practices.

Guided Meditations

to integrate the energy hygiene resources into your professional practice.

Supporting Documentation

illustrated guides and examples for the skills you’ll learn [anything Johanna would include]

Date & Times for The Caretaking & Burnout Connection

We’ll be meeting live on Zoom on February 18, for two 1.5 hour sessions, with a 1-hour break between sessions.

Eastern – 12-1:30pm & 2:30-4:00pm
Central – 11-12:30pm & 1:30-3:00pm
Mountain – 10-11:30am & 12:30-2:00pm
Pacific – 9-10:30am & 11:30-1pm
Western European Time – 5-6:30pm & 7:30-9:00pm


Tuition for this workshop is $195.

Ready to let go of caretaking & bloom in your practice?

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